Le Metier de Beaute Zeitgeist Palette


If you couldn’t tell by my Instagram stream, lately my brand loves have centered on the luxe and high end – and both of them aren’t helping the addiction by releasing lots of new products and (limited edition, of course) palettes!

Le Metier de Beaute released Zeitgeist as a counter-exclusive for Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase, and as soon as I saw swatches I asked my vicarious shopping bestie to pick one up for me which she was kind enough to! Le Metier de Beaute has released several blush and eye palettes since then (all seemingly store exclusive) but luckily this is my favourite of them since the blushes in all the palettes are identical!


I haven’t quite figured out how to integrate the blue shade yet, but Zeitgeist makes a wonderful neutral palette and with the blushes, seems like a good option for travel. The casing is slim and the palette comes with an eyeshadow brush (decent quality) and would be great to travel with! Thankfully the pans seem more secure than they were in the Melange palette :). I believe the blushes/eyeshadows are the same size they would be n the Kaeidoscope palettes as wel which makes these palettes a good value at 125$, but I know that’s still a large amount to shell out for one item (would it help if you thought of it as 8 separate products?)

My wallet cries, but I’m still loving Le Metier de Beaute and already planning out my next additions!


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