Make Up For Ever Professional Brush #142


Coming soon to a Sephora store near you, Make Up For Ever has just released a full line of makeup brushes. The synthetic bristles, designed to mimic natural brush hairs, are designated into two categories: straight and wavy. As describe by MUFE:

What further differentiates this brush collection from any other is the specific synthetic fiber technology that exists in several diameters and types: wavy or straight depending on the required use. When fibers are straight, application is more generous and precise, while wavy bristles are more splayed, allowing for a lighter and freer application. A unique combination of the two fiber textures gives infinite creative possibilities. The softness and performance of each set of bristles is ensured by using tweezers and not scissors, while fibers are fixed in place with a ferrule made from a gunmetal barrel. With no detail spared, the beech wood brush handles were created with a beveled end to allow for easier product retrieval and can be used to assist in faux lash application.

MUFE Canada was kind enough to send me brush #142 which, if you’re wondering how and why its numbered so:

The Artisan Brush Collection 2013 is classified in a way that is extremely practical for artists everywhere:
100s = complexion
200s = eyes
300s = lips
400s = artistic specially designed for professionals.

#142 is further described as a flat highlighter brush. I jumped at the chance to use this with my newly beloved Giorgio Armani fluid sheers, and MUFE suggested this product be best usedwith gel or cream products. Since I don’t own a lot of highlighters, I stuck with the fluid/gel recommendation and can happily report that the MUFE #142 helped improve my application techniques. The combination of straight and wavy synethtic bristles allowed me to pick up a very small amount of product and blend and apply it without absorbing toomuch – cutting down on product waste! The brush also washed well, with no dye staining coming out with use of warm water and DAISO’s brush cleanser. it also dried to its original brush head shape with no bristle loss or flyaways, which made me happy πŸ™‚

I used #142 to apply GA Fluid Sheer #6 in the FOTDs below.



Are you looking forward to this brush release? I can’t wait to play with the rest of the line when it hits my own Sephora!


4 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Professional Brush #142

  1. Girl, what a flawless skin you have even on such a brutal close-up photo! πŸ™‚ Also blending of everything looks perfect.. Sold! Time to visit nearest Sephora (my all-time-favorite NARS Yashio got old and even started to loose hair or two here and there.. *sniff*)

    • Haha thanks! I had no idea the iPad mini camera was so HD… oh well. I quite liked this brush as it was nice and soft although I own the Yachiyo too – I think this is more precise for fluid products!

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