Pink Summer Days with Annabelle Cosmetics


I have a confession: despite my attempts to remain as bipartisan as possible and not just avoid things because they are drugstore vs. high end, I hadn’t really explored a lot of the Marcelle and Annabelle cosmetic ranges because I tend to speed through the drugstore aisles in an effort to avoid impulse buying.

Thankfully, Annabelle reached out to me and now my spending habits are at risk again 😛

Annabelle Pink Products

Annabelle was kind enough to send me three types of products of their recently re-launched cosmetics line – all ‘point’ makeup products, and in my favourite colour scheme (how could they tell I’d be partial to pink?) as well! I received the following to try:
Pink-A-Boo Quad Eyeshadow
Twilighting Retractable Eyeliner
Monroe, Vamp, and Cherry TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons

Pink-A-Boo Quad Eyeshadow:
Annabelle pink eyeshadow swatches
Annabelle describes these as a:

Versatile Quad, perfect to create a natural or more intense look! Silky, lustrous and highly pigmented powders providing a pure colour and a radiant finish. Long-wearing formula. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. 8h wear. Size: 0.25 OZ 7.2 g

I found the quad to have light pigmentation that performed much better over an eyeshadow base such as Urban Decay’s Primer Potion or MUFE’s Eye Primer. Without a base (as in the above swatches) the colours were translucent with a soft satin finish. The four shades included in Pink-A-Boo, while appearing quite contrasting in pan, were a soft gradient pink more than appropriate for office or school-wear. The back of the packaging provided a convenient eye chart for application techniques. Without primer I only got about 5 hrs of wear before I noticed visible fading (my eyeshadow was mostly gone by hour 6). With primer I got 8 hours. For more intense results I recommend layering over a coordinating or neutral cream shadow base!

Twilighting Retractable Eyeliner:

Annabelle pencil swatches

Annabelle describes these as:

Retractable pencil with integrated sharpener. Rich, intense colours and creamy texture that glides easily. Waterproof and long-lasting formula. Ophthalmologist Tested. Waterproof. 12h wear. A must have for a decadent dose of resistant colour! Size: 0.01 OZ 0.34 g

Twilighting is a blackened purple with a small amount of purple shimmer to add to a pearl finish. If you’ve been even a short term reader of Sakura, Lovely you know that I am a die-hard liquid liner devotee, but for this FOTD I thought I’d give Twilighting a try – the pencil was soft (it may have been the heat) to the point that I accidentally broke off the tip swatching it! There was minimal tugging on application though I did find it hard to do my normal one-swipe eyeliner application (that being said, I’m not used to pencils anymore, so this probably impacted my ability to do a ‘normal’ line). Although Annabelle suggests 12hr wear, without primer I got about 6 hrs of wear, and with primer closer to 8. This pencil is easily smudgeable for a smokey look but does set in place after a few minutes – so work quickly!

TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons

These were, by far, my favourite part of the package (and I’m so excited there are SO MANY COLOURS). Annabelle describes them as such:

Dare to be colourful with this easy retractable lipstick + lipliner in one. No sharpener required! Formula enriched with nourishing natural ingredients such as Omega 3 + 6 and Shea Butter. Definitvely a new way to wear lipstick. Try one of these easy-to-wear stunning shades. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Size: 0.05 OZ / 1.5 g.Available in 24 shades!

These pencils are amazing! I love that they are retractable, as it allowed me to use the tip as a ‘normal’ lip liner and the sides of the pencil to fill in my lip shape. The pencils were soft, intensely pigmented, and did not require lip balm underneath – although I recommend exfoliating before hand for a smoother surface as the small bits of chapped skin tended to cling to the pigment. They lasted through a glass of water and snack, though word of warning – keep a mirror and tissue handy as they never completely set for me – after my glass of water I was surprised to still wipe off colour with a tissue! They do bleed a little bit after drinking, but not enough for me to protest a lot.

I tend to wear bright lipsticks so I gravitated towards Monroe, which is a bright coral, but I also really loved Cherry – it was the first vampy lip I’d ever worn and now I’m thinking a whole new world of lipstick options is open to me… let me know what you think!



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