Hot Weather Essentials: Make Up for Ever


I spent the last week of July traveling and indulging my inner 10-year-old in the very hot city of Orlando and while I quickly forewent foundation as it sweat off, I was not willing to give up on eye makeup, and thankfully, Make Up For Ever more than held up to the task of making me look presentable in my vacation photos!



First up, the Make Up for Ever Eyeshadow Primer held on despite sweat and raining POURING into my eyes – my eye makeup – and liner – were creaseless even after 9 hr,  30C+ days. I just finished this tube and have resorted to scraping at it until I have time to pop by Sephora to get a new one! The Eye Prime base applies as a neutral beige on me, which was ideal as I brought a multi-coloured palette and only needed one base to make all sorts of colour combos work.



Second up my on my makeup to last through a sweaty  hot vacation was the MUFE HD Brow Gel: this is AMAZING. Even though I Have been too lazy to get my eyebrows threaded, I still brought this along to fill in my brows and despite the afternoon thundershowers, I felt like I always looked semi-presentable because my brows were done (and not moving!)



I once had a makeup artist tell me that even if I skipped everything else, I should always wear mascara to help open up my eyes. The MUFE Smokey Lash Extravagant mascara provided a deep, rich black pigment to my lashes, and although it’s not advertised as being waterproof I wore it every day of my Florida vacation and even after being soaked in rain and copious amounts of blotting, at the end of the day I would find it clinging steadily to my lashes, and no mascara tracks to speak of!

Needless to say, if I ever return to Philippines, I’m bringing my MUFE staples with me so I can do my makeup this time!

What are your extreme weather essentials?

4 thoughts on “Hot Weather Essentials: Make Up for Ever

  1. Thank you for this review! It’s been hot and muggy here, although not terrible like Japan has been. I’m super interested in the MUFE Aqua Brow. How do you apply it? I’ve been using Wunderbrow lately and like it because it will color in large areas of where there is no hair and won’t rub off either. Do you think Aqua Brow will do the same?

    • I apply it with a small angled brush… you pretty much just draw in your brows. I use a brow brush to feather it a bit so it’s not one solid line, and it doesn’t rub off!

  2. That browgel sounds amazing! God I wish sweden had MUFE but NO. Of course not. The primer… Ah -sigh- I wonder if it would work for me. UDDP and TFSI doesn’t really do the trick for me.

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