MUFE Aqua Collection – Summer 2013


I have been trying to write this post for no less than a month, but after being distracted by work and vacation I am finally buckling down to do it! Make Up For Ever Canada released 3 new Aqua Cream shadows for their summer collection, and I was fortunate enough to receive #54 to test which is right up my alley as I love lilacs and pinks (and when I don’t wear neutrals, they are my default ‘go-to’ colours since I wear a lot of lilac… and pink).

I’ve waxed poetic about why I love these eyeshadows before, but I love #54 as it seems to have a more duochrome finish than #19 and gives new dimension under powder eyeshadows. Plus it looks so pretty in the pot!


The iridescent finish means that #54 is not as opaque as some of the other purples in the MUFE Aqua Cream line, but at the same time, it was also much more sparkly than I anticipated! Like the rest of its line, this shadow starts out creamy but dries down fast so apply and blend quickly! I wore this on the hottest day of the year over the MUFE Eye Primer and it lasted through sweat and 12 hours of wear with no creasing, and just a bit of fading at the edges.


Made this a MUFE from the bottom up day 🙂

Products Used:

Base: Make Up For Ever Pro Finish foundation
Cheeks: MUFE Aqua Cream #9
Eyes: MUFE Eye Primer, Aqua Cream #20, #54, K-Palette Eyeliner, MUFE Smokey Extravagant Mascara
Lips: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #10



I loved this candy-inspired look (I think it goes with my dress). What’s your go-to look this summer?


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