#YYCisOpen #CalgaryStrong #YYCEats – Boxwood Cafe


It’s been almost a month since Calgary and Southern Alberta were hit with the #yycfloods and I’m happy to report that while the rebuilding process is just beginning the people of Calgary continue to come out in huge numbers as people clean up. In fact, although they had to cancel some concerts, even the Calgary Stampede went ahead – “Hell or High Water” indeed!

Spring is here! #yyc #sunny #spring

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Continuing my part in helping promote the #YYCisOpen initiative, today I’m featuring the Boxwood Cafe, located in Central Memorial Park. Boxwood specializes in local, seasonal food, and is a fantastic place for a lunch outside – though they also have plenty of indoor seating as well!

Chickpea hummus #yyc #yyceats #food #veggie #instafood #yummy @boxwoodcafe

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We started with the roasted chickpea hummus which comes with the house flatbread – you get an entire baby mason jar stuffed with the hummus which was just a little spicy and perfect with the sparkling cold water. Despite telling ourselves not to, Eva and I finished off the jar which left us pretty full (but we still squeezed in lunch, having priorities, haha). You can order additional flatbread if you have hummus left over (we did!) but it’s very filling and a great starter for a meal.

Rotisserie chicken sandwich #yyc #yyceats #instafood #yummy

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I had the Roasted Chicken ciabatta sandwich with leek aioli, which was fantastic. The chicken was tender and moist, and the argula and mixed greens provided a nice peppery punch to go with the richness of the aioli. Eva and I also split the chickpea fritters which were awesome, but we ate them before either of us thought to take a picture. ^^;

The Boxwood is a fantastic place to spend a sunny morning or afternoon – snag a patio table in a sunny spot but WITH an umbrella and you have the makings of a perfect morning. There’s plenty of parking on the weekend around Central Memorial and it’s easily accessible by bus as well. I’m so happy they’re open again!

Also, I’m a professed carnivore, but the menu is mostly vegetarian and STILL fantastic. What are you waiting for?? Get down there!


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