#YYCIsOpen #CalgaryStrong #YYCFloods – Belated Happy Canada Day!

Let’s be honest, I have talked about wanting to post food-related things on Sakura, Lovely for a while, and while I’d always hesitated (and I’m not sure why) I figured what better way to kick off a new category than to support my city after the #YYCFlood on June 21 by helping promote the #YYCisOpen campaign!

After all, there’s nothing I do better than eat and shop – especially locally!

I’m kicking off the series with one of my absolute favourite places for breakfast in the city – Dairy Lane Cafe. Located in Hillhurst, my favourite restaurant was VERY luckily spared any damage from the floods – and instead stepped up to raise money for the Alberta Flood Relief Fund, and on July 1, 2013 celebrated Canada Day by donating 100% of their sales from breakfast and lunch to the charity! They raised over 14,000$

Of course I had to participate :D. So I got up extra early, and in an effort to keep this semi beauty related actually managed to do my makeup for Canada day, with more local brands (which will also be featured in future entries!)

Calgary was blessed with beautiful weather – a hot 25C by 8AM, it was an absolute pleasure to wait outside for our table – happily the whole time we were there, there was a steady line of people lined up for delicious food AND charity – my mom bonded with another older couple who had made it out especially for the fundraiser 🙂

They had matching t-shirts as well, and since my mom and I are not suited for the mud hauling, we’ve elected to donate through t-shirt buying, and supporting local businesses like @DairyLane!

@DairyLane has one of the best hollandaise sauces in the city (hollandaise sauce is the #1 thing that will get me up early enough to go out for breakfast since I am horrid at making it myself) and even when I don’t want Eggs Benedict (that’s what my mom had) I’ll order it on the side. My 3-egg omelette was the ‘Canadian’ (only appropriate for the occasion) with Canadian back bacon, mushrooms, and Sylvan Star Gruyere. It also came with potatoes and sourdough toast. I was stuffed!

I’m keeping the FOTD for another entry (you can take an early peek at it if you follow me on Instagram) but thank you to Dairy Lane for a fabulous Canada Day breakfast – and for donating my meal proceeds to #YYCFloods! THey were also awesome and provided water and coffee to the huge (!) line-up while we waited. And water for the dogs, too 🙂 This is why I love my city :D.


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