#CalgaryStrong #YYC #YYCFlood – Proud to be Calgarian

Hi Everyone! Sorry to have been MIA for so long, but real life has been busy! It’s been just over a week since my city and surrounding towns were hit with over 6″ of rain in less than 24 hrs resulting in the worst floods that Calgary has seen in the last century. Over 100 000 people were evacuated, the town of High River ended up almost completely underwater, and the landscape of Southern Alberta has changed forever… and I have never been more grateful or proud to be Canadian, and more importantly, Calgarian. 

Over the last week I believe I’ve been privileged enough to work with the best people that my city has – thousands of volunteers have been helping to clean up homes, communities, and businesses; communities from across the world have given us their support, and I’ve never been prouder of my Mayor (IMO we have the most awesome one in the world).

In two weeks my city will host the 101st Calgary Stampede, despite the fact that 7 days ago the Stampede grounds were submerged in water. Just like the spirit of the community so far, I know we will get through it, and show the world that we ARE #CalgaryStrong. And in the weeks and months to come, I hope to be able to help my city rebuild better and stronger than ever!

Here are the awesome people who are leading the way:



Thank you for bearing with me in this lack of posts! I am so grateful for everyone in my life, especially after an event like this one! Hug your loved ones close, and count the positives in your life – I know I am!


5 thoughts on “#CalgaryStrong #YYC #YYCFlood – Proud to be Calgarian

    • I was fortunate not to be directly affected so I’m contributing financially to the cause and hope I can inspire others to do the same! Thanks so much for reading!

      • That is great! I chose the foodbank to donate too!! ❤
        And my benefit and pleasure to read!! 🙂

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