Stash Spotlight: Everything at Once

I always forget that June tends to be rainy in Calgary so I often use the rain as an excuse to have lazy days at home. Usually I manage to do nothing (literally) but since it’s been SO rainy this June, I used one of the colder days to finally reorganize and clean up my makeup collection and desk/vanity – hopefully this encourages me to do more looks!

I have learned after a few years that I use makeup more when I can SEE it, so the new trend for acrylic storage is fabulous. I still lust after a version of the clear cube but until a seller ships to Canada for less than 100$ it is sadly out of my reach! Until then I’ve been combing Winners stores in Calgary and found some awesome alternatives (and trays) with which to organize my desk.

It’s an ongoing process but here we go…

Starting with the above which is my Anna Sui mirror (LOVE) and half of my brushes. The three acrylic stacked trays hold lippies right now but I’d prefer a drawer set up as I am lazy and hate having to move the top and middle tiers and find a spot for them just to pull one item. 😛 But it works for now!

The ‘most used’ eyeshadow palettes, these are ALL of my Armani and Le Metier de Beaute palettes currently. The container conveniently fits all the ones I currently own, but as I know my own spending habits, I’m already wondering how to organize them when the next palette from either brand comes out. This is the problem when you have the perfect sized container for ‘right this second’. Haha.

Continuing my ‘most used’ trend I finally gave in and bought lipstick holders in an effort to vary my lip colours slightly more than ‘whatever is in reach’ and it’s working so far! My current rotation reflects my most recent product loves: Givenchy Le Rouge Lipsticks, Burberry Lip Covers, Chanel Rouge Allure, and some random medium pinks and corals. Also in the holders are my open setting powders, and ‘daily staples’ – ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer, Shu Uemura Powder Foundation, Guerlain Meteorites, and my pencil eyeliners, mascara, liquid liner, and brow fill.

The gigantic tray is my crowning glory – and probably my favourite part of my entire stash – the L’Oreal Infallibles, Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows, and my ADDICTION palettes – I use at least 2 items from this tray on a daily basis. Sadly I have yet to find another acrylic tray as big this one so if there are ever more ETK or Infallibles (which as I write this I realise that there are at least 6 more infallibles I’ll have to add…) I’ll need to find a new way to store them. Talk about #bblogger problems. 😛

My current blush rotation – the glittery black pouch holds random ADDICTION products (single eyeshadows, foundation, eyeliner), and the tray itself holds my Jill Stuart Mix Blushes, Laduree blushes, and my newest Guerlain Blush G in Sakura. It also holds the L’Oreal Project Runway blushes from the last two years. The pink and gold box holds the rest of my blushes (the pressed powder ones, cream ones not already on my vanity, and SLEEK powder blushes). The black ‘inspiration’ box holds my Etude House blushes and some miscellaneous makeup items (cotton pads, q-tips).

Now you’re probably like, that is a lot of makeup, which it is, but it only scrapes the iceberg of what I at least try to rotate on a daily basis. The rest of my ‘collection’ from the last 5-6 years lives in two mini mesh wire drawer carts – 4 of the drawers are full, one is full of GWP pouches which I use for travel, and the last one is mixed with basic (non-beauty) related toiletries.

No judging (unless it’s in an admiration sense :P)

These are my irregular shaped and large palettes: Urban Decay, Hello Kitty for Sephora, and Yaby palettes. I tend to go to this drawer when I’m in the mood to play with more rainbow coloured looks as these palettes have the really BRIGHT colours in my collection.

When I seriously started getting into makeup about 5 years ago, I was a Dior-devotee. While my brand horizons have widened, my Dior quints still have a large part of my heart (and collection, obviously). Also stored in this drawer are my Lunasol palettes.

This is the rest of my eyeshadow stash (yet again more palettes, of course): Jill Stuart, MAC, Tokidoki, Guerlain, Chanel, Sleek, and MUA. There are also some random singles, mostly creme eyeshadows, from MUFE and Flower Cosmetics.

Yes, a non-eyeshadow drawer at last. These are most of my lipsticks – I tend to keep lipsticks in their boxes as all of their casings are different shapes and sizes and harder to stack/organize. This drawer also houses my foundation/base makeup collection. I only keep one liquid foundation open at a time, so … needless to say I’m on a foundation ban. Thankfully I don’t change colour all that much!

My last drawer of randomness (or as I call it, products-in-waiting). This includes mascara, unopened powders and my skincare items like brush heads for my Clarisonic.

Whew, and that’s the stash. 😀


8 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Everything at Once

  1. Wow, everything is so nicely organized and neat! I think it’s an accomplishment especially with all of the makeup that you own.

    I recently got some containers from Donki in their “bargain” department. It’s $1.99 but would probably be like the 100 yen/Daiso shops in Japan. At least what I have out in the open is a little neater now.

    • I love reorganzing my makeup, so I keep buying containers to sort them into… I figure the older containers I’ll eventually use in my new house (I bought TONNES of dividers and such from DAISO in Vancouver that I was going to use but didn’t, so have reserved those for future closet organization).

      Also, now I know where everything is. I briefly remember having more CHanel lipsticks but then I remember that my mother has claimed most of them for her own use 😛

    • I honestly have no idea how else to organize my lipsticks… at first I was trying by brand but they kept falling over, so eventually they just got crammed into the holder until they stayed upright. I imagine it’ll be like Jenga when I pull one out – they’ll all fall sideways again 😛

  2. Amazing collection and organization! :O I envy you Justine and I am aiming to have just as good skin as you! (drinking alot of water these days… I usually don’t)
    I wanna see a post on your lipstick collection! Some best buys and some hidden treasures! XD

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