Shu Uemura Ob Collection + Shu Hair Care


I am very fortunate in my Holt Renfrew and all the people that work the beauty floor :D. Although I don’t have an HR card (that would be far too much temptation) the makeup counters I frequent are always kind enough to invite me to events, even after my ‘default’ SAs have moved on to other opportunities! So when Shu Uemura rang me up to play with the new Ob collection I jumped at the chance – and I also got my hair done (which was a new experience all on its own) as Holt Renfrew now carries the entire Shu Uemura haircare line!


Let me tell you, I am way too lazy to do my hair. It’s short because I like to be able to wash and go, and I rarely use any product at all! I don’t even own a hair dryer ^^;

That being said getting my hair done by A was absolutely a pleasure! The Shu hair care line smelled amazing and I was impressed at how great my hair looked at the end. My favourite product was the dry hair powder which came in its own applicator – definitely something I will think about buying in the future!


I really liked this FOTD 🙂 The focus of my look was mostly on a flawless base – the hilight was getting to use the new uv poreraser base which I had been nervous about as previous mousse bases have been too pale – but this was perfect! I’m not wearing any other base product in this look – I definitely came home with this (the cute packaging helped my decision)

I had a wonderful afternoon at Holt Renfrew as always 🙂


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