Armani Spring Palette 01 + Givenchy Le Rouge 205 Fuchsia Irrestible


As you can imagine, the size of my makeup collections means that I am constantly shuffling and re-shuffling through my collection. This is fine, because just looking at my makeup makes me happy, but it often means the top of my vanity is a war zone, and sometimes I end up pulling the most random products together simply because:

[1] They are on my desk or at the top of the pile
[2] I am inherently lazy

This makes for some interesting FOTD combos! Lately my default look has been mostly neutral with a bright lip, but I’ve been trying to integrate a little more colour (even a touch) so for this look, while the ‘focus’ was my lipstick, the EOTD wasn’t just another neutral gold/brown/taupe combo!

I am absolutely in love with Armani’s limited edition palettes lately. The combination of a blush and eyeshadows all in one palette makes for an easy all in one look, and the last few trips I’ve gone on the Armani palettes have become my go to as they combine two products in one!

The Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks join the satin-matte lipstick trend, and for me, they are the winner among my lip stash this spring! I’m in love with the leather casing, which feels like a really amazing handbag, and they wear so well – I get a good 4-5 hrs of wear (even more if I’m not eating a meal) and they aren’t drying at all. Even when my lips aren’t at their peak condition the lipsticks slide on comfortably and wear well. I already have four, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with all of them someday!


Of course my tendency to wear hot pink all the time means my lipstick often coordinates with my shirt haha. What is your go-to spring and summer look?


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