Daily Staples: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow and Eye Prime

Daily Staples: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow and Eye Prime

You know how there are some products that you’re addicted to trying even though you have a lot of them (well, for this beauty addict that’s true for everything, but especially eyeshadow) and then other things that you never ever change?

It’s been nearly 7 years since I really got into makeup and in that whole time I’d only tried a different eye primer twice, and both times I ended up going back to an old staple (Urban Decay). Of course there have been different eye primers I’ve tried once or twice since then, but not one that was enough to get me to turn away from UDPP completely until I tried out Make Up For Ever’s eye prime. Similarly, I’d used Anastasia’s tinted brow gel for nearly the same amount of time – it worked well enough that I couldn’t see a good reason to switch!

MUFE relaunched in 2011/2012 in a BIG way, releasing a lot of new products, formulations, and base products as they were both pulled from Shoppers Drug Mart and the Bay (T___T) and expanded more fully into Sephora (:D). In addition to all of their new colour products MUFE reformulated their primers and brow products, and while at the time I hadn’t felt like switching (neither eye primer nor brow fill was particularly exciting to me) when I happened to be travelling to the USA during the Friends & Family sale I couldn’t resist picking up both products.

Fast-forward six months and I was at the beginning of a new product period having finally finished my eye brow gel AND eye primer… couldn’t wait to break out the MUFE after so long!



Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow is available in 3 shades on Sephora.ca for 22$ CAD. I apply this with a small synthetic flat brush from the Tokidoki line and then ‘brush’ it out with a brow comb. This stuff is immovable! Even on days I wear no makeup I make sure to fill in my eyebrows to look more awake. I only need the tiniest dot to fill in each brow, but it makes a huge difference! I use 25, ash, which is dark enough for my hair but not so black that it looks like I’ve used a sharpie to fill my brows in, which is a problem with my black hair sometimes!

Make Up For Ever’s Eye Prime is a light nude eye primer available at Sephora for 25$ CAD. I like how non-fussy the tube is, as well as the sponge tip applicator – it makes sure that I don’t apply too thick a layer on! I’ve successfully worn several types of palettes from the very high end (SUQQU, Armani) to drugstore (Maybelline) for 8+ hours with no fading or creasing, though I still typically wear this with a L’Oreal Infallible or Armani ETK shadow in addition to a powder. The primer is a neutral nude tone that blends into my eyelids easily and helps to even out the unevenly coloured spots – but isn’t visible as a PRIMER. I did not notice any colour alterations to my eyeshadow while wearing this though it does improve the colour density of less pigmented eyeshadows.

I’m excited to have two such stellar products to last me the rest of the year 😀 What are your daily staples? Do you ever switch them up?


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