SUQQU Spring 2013: EX-11 Sumiredama


On the rare occasions I have to go to work but not be at the bedside or be there by or until 7AM I actually attempt to do my makeup – but given that I am prone to either bold lips or eyes or both, I think I look strange with OL friendly looks (my ‘work’ routine is either nothing at all or just base and eyebrows).


I finally gave into my curiosity for SUQQU after seeing the duochrome swatches of the spring collection. I can definitely see why this brand is so beloved in Japan! The shadows were soft, applied well with medium pigmentation (definitely visible but not too opaque you couldn’t wear them in a conservative office) and have a sophisticated sheen rather than shimmery finish. I’ll also readily admit that I was swayed by the LE packaging 😛

For this FOTD I’m wearing the EX-11 quad, Laduree trio 101, and YSL Rogue Volupte 01. I’m so used to wearing brighter lips that this nude looks odd to me in retrospect, but I didn’t want to look ‘too’ made up for work. Maybe I just haven’t found the right nude lippie 😛

What’s your work safe look? Do you need one?


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