Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope & FOTD

Have we talked about my unfortunate tendency to do FOTDs and then assume I’ve posted about them? I could have sworn I wrote this entry weeks ago but apparently I had just edited the pictures and never uploaded them. Oops.

The spring makeup season was deadly for my wallet and although I feel like I managed to cross off a lot of items from my wishlist, I still hauled a plenty (as per usual) and have been SLOWLY taking pictures of everything (also usual). I also stepped up my E-bay-fu to capitalize on the last month of Ebay-bucks in Canada (though I lost nearly all the auctions – oh well!)


I was lucky enough to win an auction for Le Metier de Beaute’s beautiful blush Kaleidoscope on Ebay for slightly less than the 95$ USD retail price (as on NeimanMarcus.com) but I think it’s worth the full price (I am, for the record, just really fond of good deals).

The palette includes 4 smooth, pigmented blushes – these were all applied with my fingers onto bare skin, two swipes each, ranging from a cool pink to a warm orange, and peach and coral shades to complete the quartet. I’ve loved the idea of blush palettes for travel lately as they take up less space than multiple compacts, require no extra de-potting, and give me plenty of choice for looks. The LMdB blush kaleidoscope blushes have a satin finish – no visible glitter but there’s definitely a tiny amount of shine – these aren’t matte blushes!


A complete FOTD featuring my latest LMdB purchases, including the Melange palette (I used the purple row), the blush kaleidoscope (used the peach and orange shades together), and Pink E-Promise which came out with the brand’s spring collection.


Still in love with this brand. And their new site ships to Canada (though I haven’t ordered myself yet!).


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