Le Metier de Beaute: Bauhaus, Silk Road, Violaceous Splendor


You know how you sometimes get the impending feeling of doom? With makeup, sometimes I can tell that I will PROBABLY really like a brand and then spend a lot of time telling myself that said brand is ‘overrated’ or ‘too expensive’ or ‘not something I have time for’… and then I give in and end up kicking myself for not getting into it earlier so I could own more of it!

A prime example of this resulted in this blog entry, in fact. I’ve been in fascination with Le Metier de Beaute forever but it took me about 2 years before I finally bought my first kaleidoscope, and it’s been downhill for my wallet since then. XD;


Bauhaus is one of the more recent Kaleidoscope releases – it looks very warm in my swatches but I think even my cool-toned lovelies could pull this off.


I was lucky enough to score Silk Road from a blog sale, and I love it! It’s become one of my go-to palettes for a neutral eye day.


I love wearing bright colours and although I generally wear softer eye looks now, I can’t resist a hot pink eyeshadow and this is one of the best – it has a nice satin, not matte finish 😀


I’m still on the hunt for older kaleidoscopes so if you see them, please let me know! Sadly, Le Metier de Beaute isn’t counter-available in Canada, but you can purchase it from Zuneta.com 😀


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