Stash Spotlight: Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura Prestigious Bordeaux


Can I feel a little smug? Even though I never talked about it on the blog, I think for a long time I was one of the few people who was genuinely excited about the KL x SU collaboration despite or in my case because of Mon Shu, the little mascot for the campaign. Up until its release all the blogs I’d seen knocked the collection for being too small, too safe, or creepy.

And then of course the colours turned out to be awesome and … well I think people probably still find Mon Shu a bit creepy but I love her and I am incredibly envious of the bloggers and beauty lovers who were able to get their own Mon Shu plushies – I really want one!!

I’ll have to be content with owning both palettes and a pouch and mirror with her visage, but seriously – if you have the plushie and don’t want it, send her over, please! I’ll give her a good home!

Apparently a lot of the holiday palettes had gold and burgundy in hindsight :P. Shu Uemura’s was one of the best despite the small pan size: these eyeshadows are soft, pigmented and applied well with brush or fingers. I didn’t have any fallout though I did apply them over my usual base of UDPP and either a L’Oreal Infallible or Armani ETK.

I do think the blush pan is ridiculously tiny though. I used my R&R Blush Brush to pick it up, but anything larger would probably hit the adjacent eyeshadow pans.



I’m also experimenting with red lips. I think I like them!


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