Étude House Princess Etoinette Collection

I was really surprised I did not come home from Philippines with more Etude House as their retail shops are possibly the pinkest stores on the planet (seriously) but with the release of the Princess Etoinette collection I decided to brave GMarket to try to order everything… this was a collection after my heart!

Of course it took me about a week just to remember my username, let alone how to log in, but thankfully the English version of the site has improved from my last order, and the official Etude House shop does not use the seizure-inducing gifs I’d become accustomed to from accessory sellers!


Although I was tempted, I didn’t purchase the entire collection (which includes 3 more lipsticks, a face powder, mirror, candle set, and soaps) and stuck to the blushes, brushes, and lipsticks – aka the girliest, pinkest parts of the release! The packaging is very reminiscent of both Jill Stuart and Les Merveilluses de Laduree, but much cheaper (and less ornate, but still very well done). I am usually a box-purger but I haven’t had the heart (haha) to throw any of the packaging away – it’s just TOO well done. The boxes are all pink with foiled lettering.



Thankfully the actual products are pretty decent. The candy-heart blushes are a bit powdery but decently pigmented, the brushes (I believe they are synthetic) are soft and had minimal hair loss with their first wash and use, and the fan brush was good for picking up colour from the candy hearts! The lipsticks are very similar to L’Oreal’s Rouge Caresse line – bright but slightly sheer if you think they look too bright! Swatches below with and without flash 🙂



And because this FOTD was the one I tried all the new products at once in, here’s the coral blush and PK003 lipstick in action:


Were you tempted by the sheer girliness as much as I was?


7 thoughts on “Étude House Princess Etoinette Collection

  1. So girly pink! Love it! I was thinking about the heart blush too but never did attempt to figure out where to get it from. Now I wish that I had gotten the brush set. After reading your review, it sounds like a good one.

  2. Oh the coral is actually really pretty on you! It looks kind of light apricot in the swatch but it goes on more pink? Eee, glad to know the brushes are pretty good, still so tempted by that kabuki!

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