Stash Spotlight: Jill Stuart Stealing Heart Collection Holiday 2012

I honestly can’t remember if I mentioned that I was planning on buying this coffret to anyone but the lovely Jenni, who helped me snap one up. Ironically, the product I was most excited for (the pressed face powder) I’ve only touched once, but I absolutely loved the quad, and since I took pics but never posted about, I thought it’d only be appropriate to feature it in my stash exploration series!



Things I LOVE about this palette:
– It has LE packaging – I love the hearts on the palette case
– The pigmentation of JS quads has drastically improved – these had no glitter fallout, were soft to the touch, easy to pick up with a brush, and actually showed up fairly true to pain – no sheer glitter washes here!
– The coral was a nice pink and not too orange-y, plus it has a satin finish so it also doesn’t make me look like I have pink eye

Similar to Harmonie de Soir, I wore this palette a lot from the moment I got it but neglected to post about it sooner. In this case, it was because it tended to be my ‘OH crap I have 10 minutes!!’ look at it gets dark so early I never took FOTD pictures (and I’m incapable of keeping my eyes open with my camera’s flash activated).

I’m happy I found this palette/FOTD in my file folders as I think I can pass on some of the spring palettes which also seem to be featuring coral!

I still have a fairly large backlog of posts so you’ll see me a lot this month, I hope!

Oh and my beautiful necklace is from the Fushigi Shop 🙂


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