Make Up for Ever (MUFE) Pro Finish Powder Foundation

Make Up for Ever (MUFE) Pro Finish Powder Foundation

I was so excited to hear about and receive a sample of Make Up For Ever (MUFE)’s new pro-finish foundation that the day I got it in the mail I opened it and used it… before taking a picture of the pristine, fresh-out-of-box product. Whoops. Luckily I’d kept the plastic insert to mask my excitement but of course, I couldn’t get the insert out afterwards and ended up denting the product trying to move the tiny bit of plastic ^^;

Thankfully I’ve used the foundation enough times now that the dent is gone and I still love it (dentless and all) so that has to be a good sign, right?

Make Up For Ever describes PRO FINISH as:

More than six years in the making, MAKE UP FOR EVER Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz tested more than 70 different formulations before finding the one that met her approval. She relied on feedback from make up artist friends who tested the product in the field and reported back on performance. Dany’s challenge was to create a compact foundation that could be used wet and dry interchangeably, cover a multitude of skin issues, provide buildable coverage, be portable, and most importantly, deliver long-lasting, professional results in a matter of minutes.

Pro Finish’s breakthrough formula boasts a Vegetal Lecithin coating that wraps around each pigment to transform the product’s texture so it stays on the skin better, longer and more effectively. Silica and Sericite powder deliver a light-reflecting, soft focus effect, while Ximenia oil and Aloe Vera powder add comfort and nourishment.

Pro Finish is mineral oil-, fragrance-, and paraben-free and the formula boasts significantly less talc than traditional formulations, eliminating the dreaded chalky, cakey effect often associated with compact foundations.

An extensive line of 25 shades with golden, neutral, and pink undertones, Pro Finish is one of the most comprehensive compact foundation ranges on the market today, with a broad assortment for darker skin tones. This portable foundation is packaged in a sleek black, mirrored compact and includes a Celfine sponge that is ideal for both wet and dry use, as well as delivering the precise amount of foundation needed for each application.

Given that I have to wake up at 0530h to go to work, I was absolutely in love with the idea of a dual-purpose foundation though I confess that I’ve only applied this lovely dry – it provides more than enough coverage for me! It can, however, be applied with a dampened sponge for more coverage, and then dry again as a setting powder.

How does it look?

If I can be vain, pretty darn good. :P. I’m not going to pretend to be a rigourous tester but at the end of a 12 hr shift I still looked half-alive (this is a miracle after nights) and was only a tiny bit oily (keep in mind, I’m very very dry). When I took off my make-up with Marcelle’s Micellar water and a cotton pad the entire pad (both sides) was saturated foundation! I find that if I have time to notice my foundation wearing off, there’s very little left after a work shift – not so with MUFE! This also meant it lasted through putting procedure masks on and off as I was on isolation precautions for all of my shifts 😛

** Note that the following FOTD was from yesterday – I’m not enough of a masochist to take a picture of myself after a 12-hr night shift!**


I did find that it was a little patchier on my cheeks, which are typically the driest part of my face, and have since re-added another moisturizer into my routine which has significantly reduced the appearance of flakes. Hydration is important! I also can’t speak to how colour matching would work – I sent in my equivalent numbers in MUFE HD/MAC (I’m an NC35-37 for reference) and the shade Lindsey sent me matched perfectly (#128 Sable) so I recommend you go in store and try it – they have undertones for yellow/pink/beige (I believe mine is part of the beige family) .


Overall? Definitely a BUY for me. The Duo-Matte foundation was a bit too dry for me, and MUFE HD made me break out, but I haven’t experienced either set of problems with this, and it applies so well with both a sponge or a flat-top brush AND it really does only take a few minutes to apply…

Meaning that I actually wear makeup to work again. Haha.

It’s available at Sephora, and in Canada, too 😀


3 thoughts on “Make Up for Ever (MUFE) Pro Finish Powder Foundation

  1. This sounds great! It’s been so long since I’ve used a wet/dry powder foundation. I used to love them but as I got older, it started being too matte for me and made me look really dry. I will be testing this out next week. Hopefully I can find a good shade match as when I tried using their HD foundation, I couldn’t find a good shade match–even when I tried mixing two colors.

    Thank you so much for the review.

    • I’m really interested to hear if it worked for you – I don’t typically use powders as I am dry but this one was lovely! I think this comes in more shades and I find powder more forgiving for shade adjustment than liquid foundations, oddly!

  2. Ooh, I love the idea of having a powder foundation, I’ll have to go see if they have a match for me. I LOVED their F&B but alas they don’t have a yellow shade pale enough for me anymore ;_; But now I have 2 years’ worth of Shu Face Architect Smooth Fit lol…

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