Stash Spotlight: Chanel Harmonie du Soir & Star Dust Joues Contraste


Is anyone out there? Just a quick post while I continue to edit and swatch my way through the plethora of holiday purchases before I even let myself contemplate purchasing more spring stuff (I have already ear-marked a few things but they aren’t in my hands yet!)

Chanel was definitely the unsung heroine of my holiday collections. It was one of the first palettes I got, I wore it on a weekly basis, and I loved everything about it… but it also appeared on every single beauty blog in existence and I didn’t think anyone needed MORE swatches.

But I loved this look so you’re going to be subject to it now, as I’m still enjoying this palette quite a lot 😛


On a related note, I think I actually like Harmonie de Soir slightly more than Topkapi (its predecessor) but mostly because it combines burgundy and gold which turned out to be my favourite colour combination (I am totally buying into the burgundy-as-a-neutral trend). The texture of BOTH palettes is 100x better than Chanel’s baked quads to the point that I will probably only buy quads in this formulation or the US one, as the baked quads are much more sheer and prone to fallout.

I’m also still in love with the Joues Contraste. I was sure Star Dust was going to be too pale, but it provides a lovely glow on its own (I think) and wears well over very pigmented blushes to tone them down. Kim at Holt Renfrew Calgary is too good at talking me into things, in other words 😛

Products Used
Face: Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation, Shu Uemura Face Architecht Powder
Cheeks: Chanel Joues Contraste in Star Dust
Eyes: UDPP, L’Oreal Color Infallible in 002 Hourglass Beige, Chanel Harmonie de Soir, K-Palette Eyeliner, Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks, Anastasia Espresso Brow Gel
Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #29

What were your unsung-heroine collections this year?


8 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Chanel Harmonie du Soir & Star Dust Joues Contraste

  1. Oooo I had to comment because I’m a neutral lover and a Chanel fan!! Very lovely look, Justine. I suppose there was less fanfare on the blogosphere about this year’s Chanel Harmonie du Soir. OMG…the blush is adorbs…..Love it!!

  2. Ooh, this one is so pretty on you! I didn’t think the burgundy shade would tone down so nice 🙂 But I totally agree burgundy is an amazing neutral 🙂 (while I adore Pink Taupe, I am getting kind of bored of pretty neutrals ……..)

    • Haha that’s ’cause you are on vacation and didn’t bring much eyeshadow with you – I know I was pretty bored of UD Naked after a month in Philippines (but I also brought my Yaby palette, which is a rainbow, so… yeah).

      Thank you dear <3.

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