Stash Spotlight: Tom Ford Narcissist, Savage, Emerald Lust, Smokey Topaz


I know it may seem hard to believe but even I have spending limits when it comes to makeup and while my general impulse is OMG MUST TRY EVERYTHING there are times when my inability to access a brand comes in handy – at least for my wallet! While I’ve owned two of the Tom Ford Lipsticks for a while, there was just something about the price point of the brand that had me hesitant to pull the trigger and try out the powder products that I normally gravitate to… but of course that didn’t last forever 😛

Caveat: Tom Ford is not yet available in Canada other than the lipstick and fragrance line at Holt Renfrew although I was told by  my SA that it would eventually join the beauty floors at Bloor and Vancouver (of course). I was lucky enough to get half of these as gifts and the other half from blog sales 🙂 So I didn’t actually pay for these, which probably explains why I own them now when the line had seemed so inaccessible to my wallet previously :P. That being said, the line is cheapest, pending on exchange rate, in the US, and most expensive in Europe. So keep that in mind!


Emerald Lust came out as part of Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 collection and while I rarely wear blues, the quad was so strikingly different from the rest of his line (which is mostly neutrals) that I was immediately intrigued. I was also pretty adamant that I wasn’t going to spend 75$ on a colour scheme I rarely wore! Thankfully one of the lovely besties was on vacation and saw it and immediately realised that

[1] I’d like it and
[2] She’d never seen the brand in Canada OR in my stash so I didn’t own it
[3] It happened to be my birthday (this is how behind I am in posting, haha)

So thank you P!!!

The eyeshadows were soft, medium pigmentation, and easy to apply. Swatches above are on bare skin, with no primer. I really liked the metallic/satin finish of these, but found that they really needed a base to pop – they applied a bit sheerly on the eye using brushes (I hate sponge applicators).


Silvered Topaz was one of the eyeshadow quads released in the ‘original’ debut of the makeup line. If you compare it to Emerald Lust, you’ll see that instead of 4 satin eyeshadows there are 3 satins and 1 matte shade, and the pans are not embossed with the TF monogram. Other than that the texture of the eyeshadows are very similar. I’d actually give the edge to the matte shadow – I was surprised at how pigmented it was!



Out of what I’ve tried from the line, the blushes would be my pick for a splurge if you find the lipstick colours too dramatic. The cases are weighty, the finish is fantastic, and they’ve worn well (> 8 hrs) for me. I own two, Savage, the burnt orange on the left, and Narcissist, which is definitely one of my HG Hot Pink blushes (it really shouldn’t surprise you at this point that I love hot pink blush, right?). For the size, I’d say these are definitely worth their 55$ price tag… at least if there’s a colour you love! I picked up Savage on E-bay, and my lovely P bought me Narcissist as a CP when she got my birthday present 🙂 Swatches above are one swipe, applied with fingers onto bare skin!



Face of the Day

Base: Shu Uemura UV BB Beige Mousse Base, Face Architect Powder Foundation
Cheeks: Tom Ford Savage
Eyes: UDPP, L’Oreal Colour Infallible 002 Hourglass Beige, Tom Ford Emerald Lust, K-Palette Eyeliner, UD Zero, YSL Faux Cils
Lips: Dior Peach Serum de Rouge

Have you indulged in Tom Ford? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Tom Ford Narcissist, Savage, Emerald Lust, Smokey Topaz

  1. Oo nice collection!! I’m afraid to swatch them as I don’t want to like this brand haha (my card would cry! XD)
    But I do have the cheek and lip tint which I like, I kinda want Black Orchid but I’ve read that there are potential dupes so I might look into that lol.

  2. Love the FOTD! I really liked the color theme of Emerald Lust too but my wallet would scream at the price point so I have to just admire it from afar.

    • Thank you my dear! I think the eyeshadow formula has improved a lot but it’s still too expensive for me to act like a pokemon collector with the line the way I normally do 😉

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