Stash Swatching: Maybelline Eye Studio Quads and Fall 2012 Color Tattoos

Although I willingly admit I am a brand snob when it comes to makeup buying, I am happy to say that the Western Drugstore front for makeup is definitely stepping up its game when it comes to releasing new products with better colour palettes, formulation, and variety! While I’ll likely never stop buying high-end, it’s nice to be able to pick up random stuff while I do groceries and not always end up with a junk product. There are definitely products worth a few of your dollars, and these Maybelline eyeshadows happen to be a few of them!

I’ve liked the Maybelline Eye Studio quads since they were still released years ago and while I no longer try to collect ALL of them, I can’t resist things that are labelled ‘Limited Edition’ so when I found them on BOGO while I was in Chicago of course I had to pick up a few :). Similarly, while the Color Tattoo eyeshadows didn’t grab my attention the way the L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows did, the LE aspect of these shadows did (plus I was already searching for them for a dear friend) so when I picked up one set, at BOGO, I thought I might as well get myself one too 😛

maybelline-01Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo eyeshadows are cream eyeshadows in pot form, and to me, feel like the drugstore equivalent to MAC’s Paint Pots or Estee Lauder’s Double-Wear cream eyeshadows. I had picked up a few when the line was first released but if I’m remembering correctly they came out around the same time as the Infallibles and my short attention span could only focus on collecting one of them (lucky for my wallet).

These four shades were Limited Edition for Fall 2012 and made a nice addition to the existing line as strangely, Maybelline released almost no neutral eyeshadows with the original Color Tattoo release.

Left to Right:
Barely Beige, Mossy Green, Gold Shimmer, Rich Mahogany

I like Gold Shimmer best, but the consistency on these was a bit weird – they were creamy but applied someone patchily both my fingers and with synthetic brushes. Nice if you can pick them up on sale, but not must-haves!


I think these two Eye Studio quads came out last year but I found them in my drawers and they looked relatively untouched so I thought I’d swatch them anyway. If you’re lacking neutrals Maybelline tends to release an excellent LE Eye Studio every season that is pretty.. and even though I’m sure they’re duped by OTHER Eye Studio quads I always buy the neutral ones. Haha.

Left to Right:
805 Strut it Suede, 205 Mythical Mermaid



Left to Right:
55 Smokey Night, 200 Alluring Almond
maybelline-04These three quads were released with the Fall 2012 Colour Tattoos. There were 4 quads, but I thought 300 Mythical Mermaid was too similar to Sea Sprite to buy both. While I like that Maybelline helpfully LABELS things ‘Limited Edition’ I was a bit confused that they’d reuse numbers for their palettes (in this case #200).

L-R Top-Bottom:
200 Smokey Cinnamon, 100 Cozy Cashmere, 400 Olive Martini

Did you pick any of these up? Also, I’d love to depot these, but have no idea how, so any ideas on doing the same are welcome!




6 thoughts on “Stash Swatching: Maybelline Eye Studio Quads and Fall 2012 Color Tattoos

  1. I agree about some of the Color Tattoos being a bit patchy when applied. Some of them are great, however some shades don’t seem as “creamy” as others and go on really sticky and splotchy. I was so excited to get the Mossy Green one and was a bit disappointed. Love that Smokey Night quad by the way. I wish we had more selection here.

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