Urban Decay VICE Palette

Even though this blog might suggest otherwise, most people who have met me and seen my makeup er… collection  know that I am 90% more likely to buy an eyeshadow palette over a single – I’m often too lazy to pull separate singles out to create a cohesive makeup look so I make the effort to either de-pot said singles or I just avoid them.

One of the brands who excel at palettes IMO is Urban Decay – I’m tempted by their releases every season and while I don’t indulge EVERY time, I’m very happy with the palettes I have kept (Naked, Naked II, 15th Anniversary Palette, VICE). This post focuses on VICE, which I’m surprised escaped a lot of the hype that typically surrounds their BoS releases. Which is a shame because I love this palette more than any of the other ones 😛


I’m happy that UD seems to be moving away from the cardboard packaging, for one. Vice comes in a rubberized (similar to NARS) casing with a pop-open lid, and a large mirror. It also comes with a double sided brush! UD’s eyeshadow formula has improved so much that I almost don’t need primer for these eyeshadows to stay on all day – but since I am still anti-touching-up I apply my usual layer of UDPP + ETK/Infallible base; but these eyeshadows are soft and pigmented enough that these swatches were all done without primer on bare unmoisturized skin.

Vice has a good mix of brights and neutrals, and all 20 shades are new to this palette (although there are probably similarities within your stash and the UD Collection as a whole). I’d be happy to travel with this palette as I think it offers enough choice that you could go entirely neutral OR bright for an entire trip and it’s nice that this palette gives you both options.

I did find that the metallic finish eyeshadows were more pigmented than the matte shadows, but I don’t wear a lot of mattes so this didn’t matter to me as much.



Of course my first FOTD with this had to feature the hot pink 🙂 It’s surprisingly hard to find a nice hot pink eyeshadow! Thankfully this one did not stain 🙂

Face of the Day
Base: Shu Uemura UV BB Mousse Base, Face Architect Powder Foundation
Cheeks: Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #2
Eyes: Urban Decay Priming Potion, Urban Decay VICE Palette, Anastasia Espresso Tinted Brow Gel, K-Palette Eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 Zero, Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen in Feline Black Mascara
Lips: Guerlain Rouge G Fuchsia Dore

DO you prefer palettes or singles?

17 thoughts on “Urban Decay VICE Palette

  1. Love the bold colors you chose to use! This palette looks like a really great mix of vibrant and neutral colors by the way. I recently took the plunge and finally started getting braver with color myself.

      • If only! I’m UK based, so no Sephora here unfortunately! I see so many amazing purchases from this store and wish I had access to it! I’m headed stateside next year and am planning a super haul when I’m there! xxxx

      • Ah, hope you manage to track it down anyway! Have fun when you make it stateside – the Sephora stores in the US are bigger than those here in Canada so I always end up hauling when I’m down there 😉

  2. Been trying to avoid purchasing this as I have several other UD palettes but you are REALLY tempting me. The EOTD/FOTD is gorgeous as usual. Thank you for swatching and sharing.

    • I was so excited to see it at Macy’s I grabbed it right away – and then I was confused because no one posted about it. I love it! I still probably have dupes of everything but it’s very convenient right now haha.

  3. I love VICE too!! The colours are so amazing and beautiful! I prefer palettes because I cannot be bothered with singles like you…But I have a weakness for MAC eyeshadow singles…their colours are so interesting…but I never get around to making all my singles into a big palette…maybe I should…:p

    • VICE is awesome and between the two NAKEDs I think I prefer NAKED II – the packaging is a lot sleeker and the shadows aren’t as warm-toned as NAKED 1 – all three palettes are lovely! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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