Random: NARS Makeover


Do you ever find yourself surprised by how much fun a solo day out can be? I typically go shopping with my friends or my mom and usually my solo days are just filled with errands – getting gas, groceries, etc. I was fortunate enough to get a fair chunk of vacation this week so in addition to napping I found myself with a free saturday… That I hadn’t planned anything for! All of my usual suspects were busy so I found myself on my own….


And I had such a great day! The Bay was hosting a HUGE beauty gala to celebrate Shiseido’s 140th Anniversary and I was happy to literally stumble across two of my favorite NARS make up artists, Shauna and Kearstin doing makeovers in the centre court of the mall – of course I wanted to say hi!

And because they are awesome I ended up getting my makeup done while I visited with them. I really have to say that I would not be as huge a NARS fan as I am I f it weren’t for these two amazing girls – I was so sad when they both left Holt Renfrew so to see them pop up at my ‘home’ mall was awesome!

By the way, I am now lusting after the amazing NARS laptop in the above collage – even if I own most if and have nowhere to put it – how amazing does all of that product look?


Kearstin did a fab job so of course I had to take pics for the blog! They both told me I should post more haha.

Face of the Day (All NARS)
Base: Tinted moisturizer in St. Moritz
Cheeks: Orgasm illuminator and Madly powder blush
Eyes: Smudgeproof eyeshadow base, Habanera eyeshadow duo, Stylo eyeliner in black, volumizing mascara
Lips: Riveria Multiple, Candy Says Larger than Life lip gloss

Hope your weekend has been as awesome as my Saturday!

And a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Liz at So Lonely in Gorgeous!!


6 thoughts on “Random: NARS Makeover

  1. Love the makeover that you got! Looks like you had a lot of fun with your two favorite NARS MUAs. That laptop palette is awesome! Unlike you, I don’t have a whole lot of NARS shadows.

    • I don’t actually have that many NARS eyeshadows but I have a lot of their blushes and I use their skincare line when I feel like splurging. I’d go for their duos over their singles in general though!

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