Make Up Academy (MUA) Professional Eye Shadow Palettes

A long, long, time ago (I can still remember…) I asked my dear friend V to pick up all the Make Up Academy Cosmetic palettes she could find at the time from Superdrug because I’d heard that the quality was very comparable to Sleek and I am a sucker for drugstore palettes. Of course, having makeup ADD, I swatched them, forgot to take pictures, and then promptly got distracted by other purchases (I have a problem) and didn’t think about them until MUA had their 25% off + free shipping worldwide sale during the London Olympics.

And now, months later, I’m finally posting swatches of all 11 palettes I own. I ended up swatching all of them in a bid to avoid leaving my house (it’s been snowing for 8 days… bleh I hate grey weather) and also to give myself a better idea of what I had in my stash.

Verdict? I’m keeping all my MUA palettes, and can’t wait for more to be released!

These were all swatched on bare skin, without primer, and all pics were taken without flash 🙂



Go for the Gold


Glitter Ball


Starry Night


Pretty Pastels


Heaven and Earth




Dusk til Dawn


Glamour Nights


Glamour Days



Overall, I *LOVED* these palettes. The eyeshadows are soft, pigmented, and apply well especially over a good primer. There was minimal fallout, and most of the finishes were metallic/satin. The mattes left a bit to be desired but were still workable. If you’re looking for an affordable way to build your colour collection this is a fabulous brand to start with, at 4-6 GBP per palette – so cheap!


9 thoughts on “Make Up Academy (MUA) Professional Eye Shadow Palettes

  1. Sooo many palettes! I think that you have enough eyeshadows to last you several lifetimes! (I’m not talking about only these MUA eyeshadows but your ENTIRE eyeshadow collection!) I think that my favorite MUA palette is Starry Night. Might have to try to get it.

    • I definitely do have enough eyeshadow to last me several lifetimes… not that THAT has ever stopped me 😉

      If you ‘like’ them on FB they are doing a promo where they’ll do 35% off + Free International Shipping once they hit 35k. They’re like 2000 fans away so it’s coming up soon, I think!

  2. Hello asiyakei , thank you for posting all the swatches they are great, I live in England and have some of the palettes too, having only just discovered MUA , they are very good, I like their facebook page too

  3. Omg I love these! I’ve started collecting them myself. Got Poptastic and Immaculate so far. Bought my colleague the Undressed one but I may get myself that one as well. The others are so tempting to get as well!

    • I have the Immaculate palette but I haven’t swatched it yet (that’s next!). I prefer Heaven & Earth over Undressed but that’s because I like golds more than neutrals!

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