Tokidoki for Sephora Arte Palettes: Stash Spotlight


As testament to my own turtle-like speed in posting, most of these are already sold out on as Tokidoki ends its collaboration with Sephora – which is a shame, as the quality of these palettes are pretty good! I thought I’d post swatches anyway, as you can still find a few of them in the clearance section for 3-6$ (and they’re definitely worth that!)


SANDy in the City is a good starter ‘warm’ palette and nice to travel with. She’s one of my favourite characters and all four shades had good pigmentation. The blush is a nice pink-coral. Good palette for work looks!




Tokidoki Vegas is a cool-toned purple palette – I liked the iridescence of the purple but found the shades less pigmented than SANDy in the City and Lion Pappa. The blush included is a paler, cool pink with less sparkle. Good for a beginner smokey eye look!


Till Death Do Us Part may be a bit morbid, but I love the cover of this palette best even if the actual eyeshadows aren’t my favourite – how can you not love Adios & Ciao Ciao? I don’t know if this is meant to be a bridal look but it does allow for a soft, smokey eye. Of all the blushes included in this mini palettes this contains the most shimmery one.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my stash! You can find some of the palettes on Sephora or Ebay, and for a few dollars – why not? The quality is pretty good!


4 thoughts on “Tokidoki for Sephora Arte Palettes: Stash Spotlight

  1. Loved your review! Now it makes me want to try these palettes and I can’t get them! I actually bought a couple of Tokidoki eyeshadows and didn’t care much for it. I think that I bought the wrong colors.

    • I’ve seen them languish in the clearance bins so hopefully you’ll luck out and find a couple, Kat! I actually prefer the quality of these to their actual ‘quads’ plus they are less bulky!

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