Birthdays and Belated Things


Time certainly flies! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and it was pretty low-key – it usually is, I’m not much of a partier – but I still put on one of my favourite dresses, my favourite necklace and spent a lovely day with my mom and aunties. It was probably one of the last warm, sunny autumn days (as I type this I’m watching it snow really lightly). Bear with me as this is an Instagram fuelled post but I’m still sorting through my makeup (I keep stopping to play with stuff which is incredibly distracting). 


It’s a tradition in my family to have noodles on your birthday for longevity and I wanted ramen, which my mom was kind enough to indulge me with. You’ll notice the lack of onions. I hate onions LOL. I tried Shikiji ramen but for my birthday I stuck with Muku which I still like better. Fatty pork belly, yum.

Also I just learned that you could substitute the set salad for seaweed salad which totally made my day hahaha.


I had in-store credit only to burn so when I stopped at Sephora to pick up my birthday gift I couldn’t help but drift over to the sale section. Not sure if I’ll keep all of these, but I was really impressed with the texture and pigmentation of these! Happy to get them 40% off but shame that the line is pulling out of Sephora 😦


Nunu will probably remember the cupcake shop at Chinook – I got my favourite, a lemon cupcake 🙂 I intended this to be my ‘birthday cake’ but my mom had other plans haha.


Even though our family dinner was only a fraction of the size (and even though I was still full from both my ramen, and then cupcake, and then a Jugo juice smoothie) we had a mini buffet for dinner. Palabok for more noodles, paksiw (with roast pork), snow peas, and salt and pepper squid. The best days revolve around good food!


My lovely cousins brought me flowers! I love pink gerber daisies. ❤


The other bouquet was very autumn coloured 🙂 Made nice centrepieces for dinner!


I am not-so-secretly a 6 year old inside. I off-handedly mentioned I wanted an ice cream cake, and I got a Chocolate Explosion Blizzard cake from Dairy Queen AND Cupcakes which was amazing. *_*

I’ll do another post with a focus on my makeup but I had such a lovely day I wanted to document it 🙂

Stay warm! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Birthdays and Belated Things

  1. Happy Birthday Other Tine!! Sad we didn’t get to celebrate your birthday together this year, but January!! Your dinner beats the Wholepaycheque dinner we had for your bday last year.
    Did you scrape off the icing?xD

  2. Looks like you had a really lovely birthday day and lots of yummy food! Now whenever I see pink gerbera daisies, and that’ll pretty much be every day, I’ll think of you!

  3. Awww happy belated birthday – the ice cream cake sounds AWESOME. Glad you had a great day (and sorry if I forgot to say happy birthday on the day itself!)

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