Chicago Snapshots and Hauls, Chicago Pizza Tour


Hello everyone! It’s already been almost 2 weeks since I got back from Chicago and while there are still hundreds of pics on my camera waiting to be edited, I thought I’d post snapshots from my trip from my phone since I … can. Plus that’s where all the haul pics were/are. I had a wonderful time visiting my aunt and uncle and while I shopped a lot, I didn’t eat nearly as much as I was hoping to (though I did get my pizza!)


My aunt’s beautiful house… it is amazing how much of a difference it makes to come ‘home’ at the end of the day versus a hotel – I found staying at her house very relaxing (I had my own room) plus there was more space to store all the stuff I (and my family) bought πŸ˜›


My family is more focused (in general) on shopping rather than eating so the first day we were at the Chicago Premium outlets… this was all I ended up eating! It was a delicious caramel apple pie cookie though. It was also my first taste of how WINDY Chicago could be – the cookie actually blew away after I took this photo and I Had to lunge across the table to catch it. Haha.


My ‘go-to’ makeup look for the entire trip was the MUA Professional Undressed Palette, and the Armani Neo-Brown Fall 2012 palette. I completely forgot to bring foundation so all I’m wearing for base is the Biore Watery Mousse sunscreen.

My favourite food part of the trip was the day we did the pizza tour – I highly recommend it! Our tour guide was chatty and friendly and even though it was pouring rain, everyone was in good spirits.


#1 was Pizano’s, where I had the deep dish sausage pizza and then the ‘East-coast style’ mushroom pizza. The crust here was AMAZING.


Stop #2 was Spacca Napoli which had this amazing wood-burning oven, seen below:


And we got to watch our pizzas being made! Authentic Neopolitan style with ingredients imported from Italy, the buffalo mozzarella here was absolutely amazing and I long for it as I type this entry out :P. My favourite pizza of the day, hands down.


We also went to Peaquod’s, where I had Deep Dish Sausage pizza again (and also tried the spinach). The sauce here was oddly sweet, and if you’re Filipino, it tasted exactly like Filipino-style spaghetti sauce. At least it did to me πŸ˜›



We then went to Coal fire which does Neopolitan style pizza using all American ingredients and a coal-fire grill. My cousins eat here a lot. We got to watch our pizza being made again!


Mmmmm, Margherita pizza. One of the other tour participants complained that the pizza flavours we had (pepperoni, sausage, Margherita) were all really plain but since it is a tour AND since I am a picky eater I could see why they’d picked them and was grateful. I hate most toppings. Simple is better for me!



And of course, the real reason anyone ever comes here: the makeup haul!



I only went to one Sephora :O. And overdosed on Hello Kitty and MUFE. Haha.



I was determined to get this at Macy’s so I beelined to the counter in Skokie when we went there, and good thing, too – it was the last one! Can’t wait to play with this (I’m waiting for a nice sunny day to take proper pictures, first!)


This was the best value purchase of my trip – I visited the Lancome company store while we waited at the Outlet mall for my uncle to pick us up and to my surprise they had Armani cosmetics! All the gift sets were 50% off, so of course I had to pick this up. I initially only wanted the mascara and the lipstick, but for 150$ for everything (when an Armani mascara is already 35$ on its own) I couldn’t pass it up!



Drugstore hauls πŸ™‚ Walgreens was BOGO, so I bought all the LE Maybelline quads they had from the Fall collection and 3 infallibles which I wasn’t sure if I owned but were under a display labelled ‘I’m Sparkly’. I didn’t recognize any of the numbers, at least, so cross your fingers that I didn’t just buy duplicates!

I also bought shoes and clothes and underwear, but no pictures of those πŸ™‚

Do you buy makeup on vacation? What do you stuff your suitcase with? THe rest of mine was snack food, honestly. XD


11 thoughts on “Chicago Snapshots and Hauls, Chicago Pizza Tour

  1. OMG, lucky you!! That American- style super cheesy, rich & yummy pizza looks soooooo inviting!! That’s serious comfort ford!!Can’t you beam some over?! I lived in the US for 1 1/2 years & REALLY loooooooved the pizza & Mexican food. It’s a good thing that I don’t live there permanently though because I probably wouldn’t be able to fit my butt into my car anymore:) The pizzas in Europe are more of the thin crust Italian style which also tatse great are not nearly as rich & decadent.

    • I wish I could! I actually prefer the thin crust but the butter crust in Chicago was AMAZING. Definitely makes the pizza enough for a meal! The Italian style slices were more like small snacks haha.

  2. Mmmm yum, buffalo cheese…Your beauty haul looks amazing!! I’ve been trying to get the LE Maybelline quads but no luck in NYC… I had a great time in Chicago too. It wasn’t on my radar at all as I always liked NYC, SF, and Boston the most. I totally agree that staying in someone’s home is way better than a hotel. For a night or two, I reckon a hotel is fine but for longer, I def prefer an apartment or a friend’s place.

    • I hope you find them! I just wish you could depot them – if you ever find a tutorial for that let me know XD;

      I just can’t relax as much in a hotel even though the clean for you… the pressure of having to get out of the room so they can clean and wondering if things are REALLY Clean, etc. Much prefer home-like situations!

  3. While you did a pizza tour, I went to a beer tour in Hawaii. Wehadlotsssssofbeeeer!
    I am rather partial to the plain old margherita pizza as I love mozzarella and basil together.

    • This Tine can’t drink beer 😦 Though I did have a glass of very dry red wine in Chicago without getting a rash, hives, OR itchy. Progress! And I ate all the pizza without tummy cramps (but I’m still mostly avoiding tomatoes).

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