Stash Spotlight: Dior Spring 2012 Garden Pastels

Dior 441 Garden Pastels

With all the Fall collections coming out you’re probably wondering why I’m featuring a Spring palette, but I finally worked up the courage to touch the beautiful rose imprints on this palette, and I’m working my way through my Flickr backlog while I try to decide if I want a pro account – so I wanted to make sure I posted this look before I uploaded more photos and lost the ability to ‘see’ the easy HTML code! Also I realised it’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve posted and given that I have actually been taking pics there was just no excusing that 😛

I used to be a giant Dior-whore in terms of my makeup collection: I had to collect EVERY quint, and I’d eagerly await the LE seasonal releases. Thanks to the SDM points program I didn’t go bankrupt doing this, but now that my collection is MUCH bigger than it was, and also thanks to trying newer brands, I’m no longer as huge a devotee as I was. The Dior Spring 2012 collection was the first collection in a long time that really WOW’d me to the point that I picked up both quints when I redeemed my SDM points this last round 🙂 Couldn’t resist the rose imprint!

Dior 441 Garden Pastels FOTD


The finish of 441 Garden Pastels is a bit frosty but the eyeshadows apply smoothly with medium pigmentation and minimal fallout. I liked the satin finish as pastels and I rarely get along (and I think matte pastels and I are already wary acquaintances if not frenemies). I’m surprisingly liking mint green a lot this year!

Dior 441 Garden Pastels FOTD


Face of the Day

Base: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Creme/Gel Makeup in 040 Honey Beige
Cheeks:  Benefit Hervana Powder Blush
Eyes:  UDPP, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Riviere, Dior 441 Garden Pastels,  K-Palette Eyeliner, UD 24/7 Zero Pencil, YSL Faux Cils Mascara
Lips: Guerlain Rouge D’Automatique in Nahema

As I pack my makeup away in preparation for getting hardwood floors, I’m shopping my stash still. It’s good at distracting me from the Fall collections which has been healthier for my wallet 😛


6 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Dior Spring 2012 Garden Pastels

  1. I love how the colors worked on you. Pastels and I do not get along either. As much as I love spring lines because the colors are so pretty, I have to refrain from buying because it just goes to waste–too pastel and light for me. The blush color is perfect on you too. Love everything about this FOTD! Good luck in your packing adventures!

    • I’m honestly in a bit of a makeup rut which was briefly broken up by this FOTD but is now back 😛 Hoping another day or two of FOTDs will snap me out of my ‘Ugh I feel too lazy to wear anything’ mode… also posting pics I’ve already edited puts more pressure on me to come up with stuff to blog which is good for motivation too!

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