ADDICTION by Ayako Eye Lacquers WP

ADDICTION Waterproof Eyeshadows


As you may have guessed, if I had to pick one type of beauty product to buy I’d probably go for eyeshadow – it’s definitely the first part of any brand line to catch my eye and I’m never really committed to a brand unless I like (or love) their eye makeup line… so once a brand’s eyeshadows have impressed me I’m often devoted for life!

ANd lately, it seems, all I buy are cream shadows (that being said, I did just buy a load of powder eyeshadow but that will be another post, another time)… cosme brands are getting SO good at perfecting the waterproof shadow that I’ve played with at least 5 different brands this summer, and while most have been pot-formed, the Addiction by Ayako Eye Lacquers are unique in that they are truly a liquid/cream shadow… and the colour range is very different!

I’ve explored how I have amassed my ADDICTION collection before, and this was a similar fortunate find – a lot auction! I won this lot at an insane discount (9000Y for all 9 colours, retail price is 2,625円 each) and then it took 3 months to get to me (I think Canada customs was a bit suspicious as they opened the package and then actually opened one – *pouts* – but no harm done – and no duty paid!) but it was well worth the wait. I find it a shame that Addiction’s limited availability means that there are very few English-language reviews out there so I thought I’d toss my own into the mix.

First up, swatches! Tine1 gave me the great idea of using my leg, which gives me far more space to swatch and allows me to use both hands on my camera – less blurry photos, hopefully. XD;

ADDICTION Waterproof Eyeshadows

Left to Right

01 Odette: A pale shimmery cream – this was the shade customs opened and I think it separated a bit – I shook it back together, but I’m not sure how this affected the overall texture. This was the sheerest of all the shadows.

02 Mermaid Splash: A shimmery white – this is literally the whitest eyeshadow I own. It has a very pretty pearlescent  finish

03 En Plein Air: Shimmery beige – probably the ‘safest’ colour of Eye Lacquer, if you only want to buy one of these AND you want a lot of use out of it, I’d buy this one. Good for a one-colour eye look.

04 Yellow Submarine: This is the  yellowest eyeshadow I own. Possibly the only really yellow eyeshadow I own. Xtine and I both ended up with liquid yellow eyeshadows at the same time and while I wear mine in this post, she hasn’t worn hers yet, and I think she should.

05 Aventure: A bright tomato red. This is also the reddest eyeshadow I own, and if I knew if it was lip-safe, I would try it as a lip colour.

06 Swimming Pool: Olive-tinged taupe. My favourite of the 9 shades. So sparkly *_*

07 Tortoiseshell: Medium brown shot through with gold sparkles. Also pretty.

08 Rumblefish: Burgundy with sparkles. Love, but have no idea what to wear this with yet.

09 Black Swan: Black with silver sparkles. Similar to Chanel’s Mirifique but not as sparkly.

ADDICTION Waterproof Eyeshadows

Closer look:

01 Odette, 02 Mermaid Splash, 03 En Plein Air, 04 Yellow Submarine, 05 Aventure

ADDICTION Waterproof Eyeshadows

Closer look (excuse the blurriness, but this was the only shot I could get the sparkles to show up in)

05 Aventure, 06 Swimming Pool, 07 Tortoiseshell, 08 Rumble Fish, 09 Black Swan

Overall Thoughts
– These eyeshadows are SERIOUSLY waterproof. I showered with the swatches on my legs and went to an aerobic fitness class (I got a lot of strange looks, but meh) and these did not budge. On my eyes, Yellow Submarine wore comfortably without creasing for 8 hrs at which point I took everything off (including the leg swatches) with a Biore Oil-in-Cloth makeup wipe

– I haven’t figure out the best way to apply them – the applicator is a doe foot wand which is fine when I want a lid wash but not so ideal for crease work…

– If I were purchasing these again I’d probably stick with one or two, but I don’t mind owning all 9 for the price I got them at!

Addiction Yellow Submarine FOTD


Face of the Day

Base: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Creme/Gel Makeup in 040 Honey Beige
Cheeks: Benefit Hervana Blush
Eyes: UDPP, L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow 888 Iced Latte, Addiction by Ayako 04 Yellow Submarine, Armani ETK #18 & #27; K-Palette Eyeliner, UD 24/7 Zero, YSL Faux Cils, Anastasia Espresso Eyebrow Powder
Lips: Burberry Lip Cover #9

Addiction Yellow Submarine FOTD


Looking at this pic I realise it was only 3 years ago that I vowed never to wear yellow and (not that you can see) now I am wearing a yellow shirt, headband, AND makeup. Maybe that means in 3 more years I will have forgiven the colour orange for traumatizing me during high school. Haha.

Do you have a colour of eyeshadow you thought you’d never wear? Do share!


12 thoughts on “ADDICTION by Ayako Eye Lacquers WP

  1. My favourite is also Swimming Pool xD
    Nope I refuse to wear my yellow eyeshadow, the only reason why I chose it was cos the guy’s bouffant ‘do temporarily rendered me insane and I take no responsibility for my involuntary actions xD
    Besides, I’d look like the Lorax if I wore it.

  2. hahaha what a fantastic idea, using your leg. great swatches and review. I have a couple of them (en plein air and swimming pool) and they are the most waterproof, non-creasing cream eyeshadows I ever tried. Amazing! I love how you made the yellow shade look wearable, can you try it with the red one? love your blog, have similar japanese cosmetics obsession 🙂 Ana xx

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