Friday Photo Meme: What’s in my Work Bag


Happy Friday!! Even though I’m only halfway through my work-week there’s just something about Fridays that make them awesome – even the hospital seems happier! Since I won’t be home for the rest of the weekend I thought I’d do Yumeko’s Friday photo meme!

First up, my mobile phone. I got my iPhone 4S from my best friend who then laughed at me for agonizing over a case to use. I actually love this print more than I thought I would – not too plain and a bit of Hello Kitty!


I love my wallets! My cards and cash migrate back and forth between my coin purse and my wallet, which is my first Samantha Thavasa piece from my trip to NYC last year – I think it’s held up well!


Something in your wallet

My most important points cards – my Sephora card is so beat up but I refuse to get a new one haha. Not sure what I’ll use my VIB discount on yet but still thinking…


Makeup you bring on the go
I rarely wear makeup to work (I’d rather sleep an extra 30 minutes) but I always have hand cream and a moisturizing lip product! The hand cream is a must since I wash my hands hundreds of times during a work week!


Other things you want to show

We chart electronically at work but I always have a pen, pencil and sharpie for labeling and notes! And if I ever forget my ID I’d be done ’cause all of our doors are locked electronically!


4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Meme: What’s in my Work Bag

    • I have pink sharpies but the different things I have to write on at work means black is the most useful, haha. Too bad they don’t sell sharpie cases with refills!

      The ironic thing is my last phone case was white so it took a while to get used to having a pink phone!

  1. Love your phone case with the lace look and HK integrated in. Definitely not over-the-top, screaming Hello Kitty design. Your wallet is so pretty too.

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