Friday Photo Meme: Random Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I’m using this weekend to build up my blog buffer again but in the meantime I thought I’d do part two of Yumeko’s random photo meme since I have done a lot of non-makeup related stuff (and I want to have a bit of variety on the blog haha)

Please excuse any typos, I’m still getting used to typing on my phone!

1. Plushie
My Tito E bought us all teddy bears our first day in Philippines… This little one lives on my desk!

Hard to believe but this is actually the only stuffed toy I came back with – no time to buy hello kitty!


2. Food/Snack/Meal

Over the last year food trucks finally hit Calgary streets and I have never been so excited to track one down since the Alley burger truck as I was to track down @snoberryice which does shaved ice, Asian style!! Finally found it today and it was so worth it!

Mango shaved ice, litchee pearls and fresh mochi, yum!


3. Stationary

I love deco tape and every time I am near a Daiso I stock up! Makes my packages pretty haha!


4. Something you wear (accessories)

These are my current favourite headbands – I love bows!! The leopard print bow is probably my favourite – not something I’ve seen since!


5. Something random

This is one of the crabapple trees in my yard! Spring has finally hit Calgary when this beauty blooms! I take a different pic of it every day because I love the colours of the blooms so much!


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Meme: Random Edition

  1. Loved this post! Your bear is so cute! I love deco tapes too. Your crabapple tree is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for doing this meme. Maybe I’ll jump on the bandwagon too.

    • Haha I obnoxiously use the tape to seal all the edges – I think it makes the packaging look pretty! I keep my hair pretty short so I can’t do much with it other than wear headbands – I have about a million and I’m always up for cute ones haha.

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