Stash Spotlight: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows

After this post you’d probably think I was obsessed with pressed/loose pigmented eyeshadows, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows were actually my absolutely favourite individual product that I started purchasing in 2011 but I wear them so often and enthuse about them online so much I think I assumed I’d already posted about them… oops.


Needless to say that in the spirit of swatching in order to avoid being productive at other things I finally gathered my collection together since it’s about to outgrow its box and do some swatches!


I realised the other day that once I get the new ETK shades from Armani summer that there will be too many to fit into my box nicely, so I am on the search for another pretty, sturdy container than live on top of my dresser.

I absolutely love these eyeshadows, which are often described as the higher-end version L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows except I still love these better despite in the increased cost as:
[1] The finish is more metallic
[2] The colours are more complex and
[3] The packaging is nicer.

I have worn these swimming, in the shower, and through several days where they have worn over 10 hrs without fading or creasing. Someday I will own all of them!

It is so hard to capture how awesome these sparkle and shift on camera. You must go swatch them in person (just don’t blame me when you find your money leaving your wallet and you going home with new eyeshadow!)




In case you are wondering i don’t own ETK 10-13 as they are either all white OR black on me and I don’t find them ‘special’ enough. THat being said if I got a good deal on them I’d buy them ’cause I like having complete collections. LOL.



ETK 17, 18, and 19 were Limited Edition shades from the Madre Perla collection. 🙂

Because I love these so much, whenever I get my makeup done at the counter, if there isn’t a new eyeshadow palette my lovely MUA (Talia) uses an ETK 🙂



Hope this post was helpful! Can’t wait to swatch the Eyes to Kill Silk eyeshadows from Giorgio Armani Summer 2012 – Ecailles 😀


14 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows


    And your MUA does a great job on you, love the way she does the eyes 🙂 Prettyyyy

  2. Justine! Mastermind of enabling ETKs… *lol

    Woo! Yes, your collection looks like what’s available in the GA counter.. *LOL

    I had been falling back in love with the ETKs. :p

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