Armani Cosmetics Spring 2012 Makeover


*crickets chirp*

Sorry for the long absence everyone! A combination of laziness, and then being without regular internet access for 5 weeks (I will eventually post about my trip) resulted in almost no blogging mojo… plus I find that I get out most of my makeup babbling on twitter which sometimes kills my desire to blog. But I noticed that I’d actually uploaded enough pictures for 2 (!) posts onto my Flickr already so I thought I’d better get my bum moving and post since summer collections are already on the counters (just not in Canada, because we get everything last).


Armani Spring 2012 was full of pastels, 2 eyeshadow palettes, a handful of glosses, and a blush. Although I hadn’t been planning on a purchase (my heart lies with the Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows) I ended up picking up the metallic eyeshadow palette and the new Designer Lift foundation… although I used the pastel palette for my makeover I ended up passing on it because I already purchased a mint green eyeshadow from Dior Spring!


But I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get my makeup done after a complimentary facial. As you all know I completely adore my Armani Cosmetics SA girls and as long as I’m not working I make it a point to try attend every event – this is extremely bad for my wallet!

Rachel did an awesome job – I’m so pleased with how my skin and eyes look here! If I could pick up this palette cheaper I would, but I’m not headed to the US any time soon unfortunately!


I always think that I end up wearing more products when I get counter makeovers done but it probably works out to the same number… I’m pretty high maintenance, haha. I still haven’t splurged on an Armani powder blush yet but I feel like I’m getting closer.. they just provide such a natural looking flush!


This photo was actually an out-take but I’m happy that you can see what my eyemakeup looks like since I blanked on taking a close-up otherwise!

Armani Spring was definitely one of those ‘sleeper’ hits for me, but I am so excited for my makeover this weekend! I’m hoping they have the new Eyes to Kill, but if not I’m excited for the new lipsticks!


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