ADDICTION by Ayako – My 2011 Brand of the Year

2011 was a big year for brand and self exploration for me! I travelled (a LOT) and purchased a lot, and met a lot of new people that helped me learn more about myself… and in relation to this blog, about my beauty preferences! Hard to believe that the first month of 2012 has already gone by as I type this entry up (yikes!) so I better get a move on πŸ˜‰

I rarely do these, but this post was stalled for so long because I wanted to finish my Chanel foundation before opening my ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer. Since I finished the Chanel Teinte Innocence I thought I’d try the ADDICTION TM out since I’ve only heard raves about its performance especially in hot climates, and I’m headed overseas soon!

ADDICTION Sleepless Nights FOTDIt’s rare for me to wear one brand ENTIRELY (except for primer, eyeliner, and mascara here) so this was an interesting experience πŸ™‚ I’m loving everything so far, and after thinking about it, I knew that despite my rants and raves with other brands, ADDICTION had to be my brand for 2011 (Armani was a very VERY close second, as you can probably imagine).

ADDICTION by Ayako is a Japanese department store brand owned by KOSE. Quite a contrast to most high end JP cosmetics brands, ADDICTION uses sleek, bold packaging and bold colour palettes to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. This brand is incredibly exclusive – only available at a few counters in Japan and at a couple of re-sellers online for marked up prices!

I, however, am fortunate enough to have people who are willing to shop for me and also haunt auction like no one’s business so I’ve been able to grow my collection quite a bit!


My non-eye-items πŸ™‚
– Tinted Moisturizer No. 5: Weirdly, unlike the rest of the base products this doesn’t have a name, but this is the darkest shade (I’m about nC37-40) so deeper skintones may be out of luck if you’re looking to try this line’s base makeup! I love the finish on this – still testing it out but it’s nice and light!
– Foundation No. 5 Cookie: I won this off of auction and it’s the right shade too, and has a corresponding powder (I don’t have that) – I only open one thing at a time though, so haven’t tried this out properly!
– The pale pink gloss, purple nail polish are from the Sleepless Nights Coffret πŸ™‚
– Lip and Cheek stick in AMAZING – this is the hottest pink the brand offers, of course I had to buy it XD;


Eyeshadow singles and blush πŸ™‚ I thought looking at this pic would make me satisfied and let me depot them into another 6 pan palette, but it instead made me realise I had a lot of smokey/crease/liner colours and no lid colours. D’oh.


4-pan palettes! I am a fan of palettes as I am too lazy to pull out a bunch of individual cases, hence my goal to depot as much of my collection as possible πŸ™‚ The first is a random palette from Yahoo!JP, the second is the Sleepless Nights palette, and the last is the Le Mepris palette which I’ve featured before πŸ™‚


My 6-pan palettes

I’m still trying to figure out shade names for the eyeshadows that I received depotted so SOMEDAY there will be a corresponding swatch post … this is just a view of my personal collection πŸ˜›

ADDICTION Sleepless Nights FOTD

FOTD Breakdown
Β ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer No. 5
Cheek:Β Sleepless Nights Palette
Eyes:Β UDPP, Armani ETK #7 Sweet Fire, Sleepless Nights Palette, K-Palette Eyeliner, Armani ETK Mascara, Anastasia Espresso Brow Gel
Lips: ADDICTION Amazing Lip & Cheek Stick

So what brand do you obsess over?

15 thoughts on “ADDICTION by Ayako – My 2011 Brand of the Year

    • Tee hee <3. Thank you for helping me grow my collection out! I figure everyone has those brands that they will trust implicitly, and right now, for me, that's ADDICTION and Armani πŸ™‚

      SUQQU is a bit too neutral for me – I own too many neutrals already haha.

    • THank you so much for helping me grow it!! This is definitely a brand I feel safe ‘investing’ in – everything I’ve tried has been lovely!

      I’m surprised at how well the blush showed up – I thought it was going to be too pale for sure, haha.

    • Thank you Vicky!!

      I like multi-purpose products but I usually only end up using them for one thing… will probably use Amazing as a lipstick ’cause of the shape of the packaging, plus it’s such a nice hot pink!

  1. Awesome collection! I’ve been curious about this line too especially since the colors are much brighter and darker as compared to other brands. I’ll have to start to keep an eye out for these lovelies.

    Your FOTD is gorgeous! Love the pink on the cheeks and lips.

    • You definitely need to check out the line when you are in Japan (and not because I like being able to make people bring me back stuff, haha). Everything I’ve tried has been really good quality! And it’s definitely different from all the other high-end Japanese brands on market right now πŸ™‚

    • If you mean the one in the first row of singles I’m pretty sure that’s Crow or Neverland… I’d have to double check haha.

      It’s probably a good thing you aren’t super close to the counters or I think my collection would be a lot bigger, LOL. Or actually smaller because you’d be able to try stuff more often and I wouldn’t feel like I should condense my purchases. Hmm…

      Did you like the foundation? I know you mentioned trying it! I’ve finished ‘testing’ the TM to make sure I’m not allergic to it so I’m reserving it now until Philippines (and then the summer) and am contemplating what to use in the meantime haha.

  2. I am looking forward to your Addiction swatches. Would you also let us know you foundation colour (maybe in MAC language? I’m kind of a newbie to describing skin tones).

    • Hi Boo BOo Ninja

      I’m not entirely sure what MAC shade I am as all of their foundations break me out so I’ve never been able to be properly colour matched and let the foundations oxidize a bit! I’d guess I’m an NC37-40 though πŸ™‚

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  4. I just passed by to read about ADDICTION and I have to say: Wowza! I am a huge fan of Armani so I know this might be right up my valley, if you like both, too. Just no idea how to get my hands on it, in Europe :-/

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