Happy New Year + Infallible FOTD

I had grand blogging intentions but unfortunately work (and life) got into the way – planning a trip to Asia for March and working so that I can GO on said trip to Asia has taken up most of my time!! But I wanted to post before the end of month, and as it is Chinese New Year this weekend… close enough, right?

I know my FOTDs have been few and far between for the last few months as I let my skin recover from non-stop traveling but this is the look that I’ve been wearing pretty much everywhere because I’m lazy and a lot of the holiday stuff didn’t wow me eyeshadow wise:

There’s still a couple of dry patches on my cheeks but overall my skin is (thankfully) back to where it was! Look breakdown at the end of the post (you’ll have to put up with me rambling)

2011 certainly flew by! I’m grateful for so many things, but most especially my health and my family’s health. I’m also so thankful for blogging as it’s allowed me to meet so many wonderful girls! I thought about doing a year in review post but I’m honestly too lazy so instead I thought I’d share with you my beauty resolutions for 2011:

1) Keep track of what I’ve used up skin/body care wise – my finished! list has been hugely motivating for me in that I like seeing tangible proof of what I’ve used up, but hate keeping empty containers around! On average I used about 20 products/3 months, so hopefully I can keep the same pace up! I’m hoping to finish more colour cosmetics this year but I got sidetracked with skin issues and didn’t wear makeup for nearly 3 months haha

2) Depot my drugstore makeup – I found a fantastic Etsy seller that makes custom palettes out of beautifully patterned scrapbook paper and I picked up a few to depot my drugstore makeup into… and there’s also Unii palettes! Depending on what I have left I want to pick up more of these too! I think it will help streamline my collection and hopefully encourage me to use more of my ‘low-end’ stash more by keeping it all easily accessible!

3) ‘Shop’ my stash – I’m pretty good about cleaning through my stash every few months but I tend to gravitate to the same few items – need to rotate my everyday  use drawer more often! Thinking about getting one of those clear MUJI drawer sets for the top of my desk to put makeup I ‘should’ be using into so it all gets some love!

4) Paint my nails more often Thanks to a certain someone (*cough*Christine*cough*) I seem to buy more nail polish lately – my goal is to get in the habit of painting my nails during my off stretches (every other week) and change my pedicure every week!

5) Take FOTD pictures and post them in a timely manner – Initially I was going to write ‘blog more’ but that won’t happen until I get better about taking pictures so… pictures goes on the list 😀

5 things, hopefully I can keep up with them!

FOTD Breakdown 🙂

This mostly uses items I’m trying to finish up plus the L’Oreal L’Or L’Or L’or Infallibles which require very little effort from me to look shiny so of course were what I gravitated to when running late this holiday!
Base: Chanel Teinte Innocence B40, Diorskin Forever Powder
Cheeks: DAISO Blush in Pink
Eyes: UDPP, L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in Goldmine (lid), Sahara Treasure (Outer Corner), Black Onyx (Crease), Hourglass Beige (Highlight), K-Palette Eyeliner, UD Zero 24/7 Pencil, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop

Hope everyone’s 2012 is going well so far – take care and stay warm!


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year + Infallible FOTD

  1. This golden eyelook is extra pretty for everyday wear. :] I see you’ve been putting all of your infallibles to work!

    I got some recently at my local drug store and forgot which ones I really wanted…so when I came back home, I went straight to your posts about them. heh. I kinda wanna go back to get more though. :3 I think I need Sahara Treasure and Gold Mine in my stash.

  2. Gorgeous as always! Your skin always look fab! (My is a distaster… Less disaster with your masks ♥ I so owe you)
    And the FOTD is so pretty! You rock the infallibles! I only own one so far… I want to get more but.. Grrr student budget! xD Also I am sad that we didn’t get the lor lor lor colors!

  3. Soo pretty and your skin is amazing!! I will be cracking open the L’or shades for CNY XD
    Oo the custom palettes, it was one that you sent me too? It’s so cute and such a good idea 🙂

    Happy New Year! 😀 ❤

  4. Love your beauty resolutions! I know that you’ll be able to stick to them.

    Your FOTD is so lovely! Your skin looks quite flawless and love the EOTD!

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