L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows + L’Or L’Or L’Or Collection

Your eyes do not deceive you, I am posting this again! Mostly for reference for all the lovely American beauty addicts out there who are searching for comparisons, I’ve re-swatched my entire collection of Infallibles which includes the original release, the Fall 2011/Summer 2011 release, and the most recente Winter/Holiday 2011 release. I’ve also included shade names and numbers for the 4 Infallibles I don’t have (that are on their way to me) and comparisons to the American formulation!

For reference, all of the L’Oreal Colo[u]r Infallible Eyeshadows I own are Made in Italy and were purchased in the UK, Canada, and Singapore. Several times I had colours CP’d for me that were later (much later) released in Canada, but the ingredients and labels for these were all the same (the Canadian labels also have French translations on them).

The ‘original’ release of the L’Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadows for most countries involved at least 6 and up to (Canada and France had the most complete) 11 colours. The most common colours ‘left out’ of other countries releases were 004 Forever Pink and 012 Endless Chocolat. Note that in Europe and Canada the shade names are sometimes different, but the numbers are all the same.


From Left to Right:
001 Time Resist White: A sparkly, shimmery, white.
American Name: Unknown

002 Hourglass Beige: A neutral beige.
American Name: 888 Iced Latte (this may be slightly more metallic) — Thanks Mona!

There is no 003, I’m not sure why!

004 Forever Pink: This is really a gold infused peach.
American Name: Unknown

005 Purple Obsession: A pearl-finished dark purple.
American Name: 556 Perpetual Purple

006 All Night Blue: A shimmery navy blue.
American Name: 889 Midnight Blue


007 Unlimited Sky: A shimmery sky-blue.
American Name: Unknown

There is no 008 that I can find either!

009 Permanent Kaki: First off, I feel like it should be KHAKI, but I am not in charge of spelling. A satin army green.
American Name: 333 Golden Sage

There is also no 010, or 011 coloured eyeshadows – I wonder if these exist but just haven’t been released yet!

012 Endless Chocolat: A satin chocolate brown.
American Name: Unknown

013 Burning Black: A reddened burgundy black. This is the closest dupe for an Armani Eyes to Kill Silk shadow (002 Lust Red) except it is less sparkly.
American Name: Unknown

014 Eternal Black: A matte black with silver sparkles.
American Name: 999 Eternal Black (the same name!)

015 Flashback Silver: A shiny silver – exactly as it sounds.
American Name: 222 Infinity Sky

And that is the original Canadian release. Next up, the Infallible Matte Eyeshadows which I forever refer to as ‘those dodgy ones’. These were originally released with L’Oreals Summer Brights collection in Europe and eventually re-appeared as the Fall 2011 Trend Eyeshadows in Canada (at least 3 of them did, anyway)

L'Oreal Color Infallible Swatches

I tried to re-swatch these but they lived up to their dodginess, so I’m reusing my picture from the first post!

016 Coconut Shake: A matte cream.
American Name: 889 Endless Pearl

017 Sweet Strawberry: A matte reddish-pink.
American Name: Unknown

018 Blue Curacao: A bright turquoise blue. This is very similar to Sugarpill’s Afterparty but… matte.
American Name: Unknown

019 Smoothie Kiwi: No swatch as I don’t own this, will add it once available! Appears to be a matte medium green.
American Name: 

020 Pebble Grey: A matte medium grey.
American Name: 997 Sultry Smoke

Lastly, probably my favourite Infallibles released so far, these are part of the L’Or L’Or L’Or Collection and are SO seasonal right now. And sparkly. :D.


021 Sahara Treasure: A shimmery champagne.
American Name: Unknown

022 Emerald Lame: A gold-infused emerald green.
American Name: Unknown

023 Black Onyx: A gold-infused gunmetal grey.
American Name: Unknown

024 Bronze Goddess: An old gold/bronze/taupe colour. *** Also known as Bronzed Divine in Canada
American Name: Unknown

There is no 025 as far as I can tell!

026 Golden Mahogany: A gold-infused burgundy.
American Name: Unknown

027 Goldmine: An shiny white-gold.
American Name: 997 Eternal Sunshine

There are two additional colours which I don’t think were ever released in Canada, that my friends Mona and BeautyMoogle have tracked down:

890 Bronzed Taupe
891 Continuous Cocoa
892 Amber Rush

In addition, L’Oreal released a BLACK Collection in some European Countries (most notably France, Sweden and Germany) that includes the following matte shades (I have these on their way to me!)

028 Enigmatic (Black) Purple
029 Smoky (Black) Green
030 Ultimate Black 

I will swatch these for you as I can! If anyone has a complete listing of Infallibles released in their country that differs from mine I’d *LOVE* to see them! I haven’t been able to get a clear response from L’Oreal (Paris, France, USA, or Canada) about a full release list past and present!

Hope this post helped! If any American readers could write down more numbers (and take pictures) for me if they spot full displays, I’d be grateful 🙂 I’m determined to own them all!

44 thoughts on “L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows + L’Or L’Or L’Or Collection

  1. i like everything in the L’Or L’Or L’Or Collection!
    i dont know if its because i am reading on a very small screen [ipad]
    but what is the 3rd shade in that pic, between 022 Emerald Lame and 024 Bronze Goddess

    u didnt say XD?

    • Whoops I knew all the typing was getting to me! That’s Black Onyx – editing the post now ^^;;;;

      The L’Or collection is BEAUTIFUL haha. So perfect for the holidays!

  2. Wow, what a collection! The colors are all so pretty, especially the ones from the L’or L’or L’or collection. Thanks for taking the time to swatch and to give the different names for the same colors.

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m guessing based solely on seeing pot-colours of the American ones, so any further insight or pictures would be most helpful! Glad you enjoyed the swatches 🙂

  3. I love that you have so much passion for these little gems! I’m in Canada and for a while, only owned 2 from the core collection since I mostly wear neutrals. But the release of L’Or x3 (;P) collection got me hunting down the colours all over town! I bought 4 of the 6 and they are stunning! I am now having US-envy again though, over the neutrals they have and we don’t! I want to get my grubby hands on that Bronzed Taupe!

  4. Thanks for all the swatches! might be getting the L’Or L’Or L’Or if i can find them..they keep getting sold out..hee does that means that you need to get a new container as there is no extra slot for the Golden Mahogany? XD

  5. I’m glad that you like the L’Or L’Or L’Or collection and was able to help with your collection. I might pick Sahara Treasure now lol

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      • I have Infinite Sky, it is a silvery sky blue, with a lot of shimmer. Gorgeous color. So I’m guessing it’s closer to Unlimited Sky than Flashback Silver.

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  8. How did you get all the colors? I only own the colors in the USA but i want all the ones you have! Please let me know the website or how you got them! I love your collection!!!!!!!

  9. I sooooooooo want Blue Curacao, Sweet Strawberry and Golden Mahogany…love your collection!! I was able to order Forever Pink & Burning Black from Well.ca with ridiculous shipping to the US…ugh we are so behind here!!

    BTW I see that Flashback Silver is supposed to be Infinite Sky, hmmm. I’m wearing Infinite Sky today and it’s a frosty sky blue definitely not silver.

    • I kept seeing on all the blog posts that Flashback Silver and Infinite Sky were the same but they are nothing close. Flashback Silver is a silver with a lilac cast to it. You finally confirmed to me that they aren’t when you said yours is a sky blue.. I just ordered flashback silver from well.ca $22 including shipping to US 😦 I had to have it though lol thanks

      • I hope you enjoy Flashback Silver! These are as accurate as I can make them but I find they can take on a different tone on different skin colours… hopefully it’s worth it!

  10. Its funny which colors you find in which countries. I live in Israel and I’m missing about 6 colors(not including the limited edition Black collection).

  11. I think this is probably old news but I live in Washington D.C., US and in my local CVS I have seen (and am currently trying to buy one of each, as soon as I can get a good deal :D!) all of the following in the “original US release”:
    222 Infinite Sky
    333 Golden Sage
    555 Perpetual Purple
    888 Iced Latte
    889 Midnight Blue
    890 Bronzed Taupe
    891 Continuous Cocoa
    892 Amber Rush
    899 Endless Pearl
    997 Eternal Sunshine
    998 Sultry Smoke
    999 Eternal Black
    The “summer release” includes the following shades (plus 333 Golden Sage) on the displays in CVS:
    405 Pink Sapphire
    407 Gold Imperial
    408 Gleaming Bronze

    I actually saw a lady pick up the last one of each of the new shades right before I could 😦 so I haven’t been able to compare them to your posted swatches unfortunately. But from the brief glance I was able to get over her shoulder, I think Pink Sapphire might be the same as Forever Pink.

    P.S. Oddly enough, one of the displays had non-US names on it (Purple Obsession, Flashback SIlver, and Hourglass Beige) but it was fully stocked with the normal US counterparts.

    • Hi Gabby!

      Interesting that you mention that because I just saw a display of the US-exclusive shades pop up in Canada! The new ad campaigns I’ve seen printed in Canadian magazines refer to a line of 18 colours (although there seem to be more like 30 shades in existence)! I wish L’Oreal would stock the same names and colours everywhere – it’d make things much easier!

      • I wish L’Oreal would do that! It would be definitely so much easier! But on a happier note…I just grabbed the last Pink Sapphire & Gold Imperial at a nearby CVS and Pink Sapphire to my eye looks very similar to the swatch of Forever Pink…but that also might be my computer screen making it look that way.

      • I’ve heard that Pink Sapphire and Forever Pink are the same from several people which makes me both happy AND sad as I love pink shadows so could always use another one but I am running out of space so anything i don’t have to own or have dupes of it equally welcome!

      • Also, I forgot to add…the CVS test ads that are circulating say that there are going to be at least three more colors released later on in the summer: Glistening Garnet, Golden Emerald, & Endless Sea (+ the displays will have Midnight Blue & Eternal Sunshine from the original collection, I guess similar to the way Golden Sage was being used with the previous LE collection).

  12. Are you needing Gleaming Bronze and Gold Imperial from the 2012 Summer collection released in the US? I live in KY and our stores have full displays..

    • Hi DkyCutie78!

      I’m trying to figure out if the shades are different at all (I think there is also a pink one?) But thank you for offering! How much are they in KY? I wouldn’t mind paying for a CP if you are offering to pick them up!

  13. I had a few questions, wondering if anyone knows the answers. I’m in the US, and some of our colors look like some offered in other countries.

    Has anyone confirmed that Forever Pink is the same as Pink Sapphire?
    Is Bronze Goddess the same as Gleaming Bronze?
    Goldmine looks to be the same as Gold Imperial, anyone know for sure?
    Is Endless Chocolat a matte finish? It looks similar to Continuous Cocoa. Wondering if anyone knows for sure.
    Any help is much appreciated. I’m starting a new eyeshadow collection and I love these so far. Need a change, and the old ones need to go.

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