NARS Hanamichi Palette + Holt Renfrew Makeover


Last weekend, before Calgary was rocked by a giant windstorm, the bestie (Kelsie) and I finally had a Saturday where NEITHER of us had plans so of course I jumped on it and planned a girly day, starting with makeovers at the NARS Counter at our local Holt Renfrew and ending in the best way, with time spent at my house catching up on Kame’s drama Youkai Ningen Bem! Needless to say it was a girly, girly day, and she has only become girlier in the time we’ve spent apart. It’d been about 6 weeks since our schedules had last matched up but it was like picking up where we’d left off…

Except now she wears dresses πŸ˜€


The NARS Holiday Colour Collection πŸ™‚


The ‘Modern Kabuki’ collection AKA all the gift sets. These were temporarily living on the large white counter in the opening photo – I think Holt Renfrew Calgary is still figuring out if anything will take the place of the old Benefit counter permanently as the displays there are constantly changing. I’m crossing my fingers (but guarding my wallet) for Tom Ford or Burberry, neither of which are yet available in Calgary!

I took this opportunity to stalk my NARS counter πŸ™‚


Base makeup (And Shauna, who I think is the NARS Alberta rep) behind the counter crazy-busy as usual!


Kelsie browsing the permanent colour line – she ended up going with browns and bronzes since she never wears them (on account that she feels she is too fair for them).

I decided to get my makeup done with the Hanamichi palette which I’d previously purchased during the Personal Shopping event but hadn’t been able to bring myself to even swatch (the pattern was too pretty)! I’m relieved to say that the tester DID look really used though and the embossing was mostly intact. I’m really pleased with how the look turned out πŸ™‚


This is actually much softer than I typically get with a makeover but I asked Kearstin, my lovely MUA to show me how I could wear the Hanamichi palette daily. My darker skintone meant that the red shade looks more like a soft pink on me, which is absolutely perfect!


Shauna did a kick-ass job with Kelsie’s makeup, I think she looks very pin-up girl here!!


Kearstin, who was awesome and answered questions I had about NARS skincare line (I’m a huge fan of the hydrating lotion and Aqua Gel Hydrator) and made the whole afternoon feel like a girl’s afternoon in. I never felt pressured at all πŸ™‚


I just love this display.

Thank you again to Holt Renfrew Calgary and to the NARS Team for a wonderful afternoon!


12 thoughts on “NARS Hanamichi Palette + Holt Renfrew Makeover

  1. looks fab. love how they showed the looks on the two of u , different skin tones and face types etc.

    not sure if its the photo or lighting or something but u dont look that many shades darker than kelsie [still darker but not as dark as u make it out to be XD]

    • It’s probably the lighting – Holt Renfrew is really really really well lit but all artificially haha. Couldn’t be bothered to fiddle around with camera settings so I think these were all shot on auto!

      It’s a lot more noticeable in person πŸ˜‰ Haha I think I’m about NC35-40 right now, Kelsie’s probably NW-20.

  2. The EOTD using the Hanamichi palette is beautiful on you. As much as I didn’t want to touch my palette, I did because I wanted to play with the different colors. Enjoy keeping your palette unused as it really is gorgeous to look at. Your bestie looks great too.

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