Photographic Evidence: Tines in New York City

it’s been over a month since we’ve come back and I’m finally editing these pics to post because I am still in a bit of a lazy rut (especially now that it is SO cold) but I feel like I should blog… plus there should be evidence SOMEwhere that XTine and I spent 8 days in NYC (plus when she asks me later how long it’s been since our last trip I can use this post as reference).

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, Macnunu and I spent 8 days together in NYC early in October for my Birthday. I refer to her as Xtine or Nunu most of the time though Labbit, Domo, and Mona referred to us as Tine1 or Tine2 (I was Tine2 since I’m younger, haha).

The Travelling Tines

I don’t have a lot of pictures from NYC! The biggest part of this is that after hauling the cameras around the first day and not taking pictures Nunu and I only decided to take them around when we ‘knew’ we’d be sight-seeing… so all of the pictures I have are from the same 3 days. Haha. Also because my skin was AWFUL the entire trip so I didn’t feel like documenting it very often :P. It’s almost back to normal though still dry now, so I’m hoping to get my FOTD-groove back eventually.

Xtine is an African Mammal

An awful lot of our pictures are like this one. We had a fun day going through the Museum of Natural History although we lost steam after 2 floors LOL.

I am one, right?

I can has also?

Museum of Natural History

Labbit and Domo were both insistent we take pictures of the giant whale, and then we nearly forgot and ran to find it before the museum closed! Haha.

Radio City Music Hall

A picture largely for my mother, since every night the conversation was as follows:

“Are you home yet?”
[Most of the time] “Yes, we just got here.”
“Did you see Radio City Music Hall?”

We didn’t actually see a Broadway show since most of them were sold out! Also Nunu is afraid of clowns so no Cirque du Soleil. Hoping that we see a show next time!

Rockefeller Centre

Rockefeller Centre, while we were trying to figure out how to get back to Labbit at Saks Fifth Avenue. I think they were prepping the area for the eventual skating rink/Christmas Tree ’cause there was construction stuff the whole time we were in NYC in the area!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – didn’t go inside since it seemed weird to go into a church just to take pictures, plus we were always en route somewhere, and it was under construction. There are no churches like this in Calgary! I love the ornate architecture!

Lego Version of the Bronze Atlas Statue

I just realised that even though we passed the actual Bronze Atlas statue twice … I only have a picture of the lego version. Oops.

I am very happy to be home, but I loved my trip, skin issues non-with-standing. At least a couple more entries to come (mostly so I can relive all of my amazing meals while we were there!). <3. Thank you again to Labbit, Domo and Mona for hosting these two Tines for a week!!


7 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence: Tines in New York City

  1. I appear to have misplaced my memory card from this trip *somewhere*. I am sure I will eventually find it and post my half of the photos up T.T
    I miss youuuuuuuu!!

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