A Brief Food History of New York


Vacations are absolutely exhausting! I’m typing this entry up sitting in EWR as there is no wifi but it’s given me a chance to reflect on my last week and go ‘Whew!’ at everything I’ve been able to do πŸ™‚

Sorry for being somewhat MIA since the blog move – not only did work become insanely busy but my face decided it would be a good time to flip out again! Thought I’d return with a post that looks at a snapshot of what @macnunu and I got to chow down on while in NYC!

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Labbit and Domo by Xtine a few months before the trip and I can definitely say that this trip would have been drastically different without them!

These meals are not in order, and are iPhone captured mostly because we were all impatient and dug into food right away. Haha.


Xiao Long Bao!! I’m still bitter that we don’t have these in Calgary. We had pork soupy buns, and pork and crab soupy buns, but I prefer the plain pork!



Fried soupy buns! Is there a ‘proper’ Chinese name for these? The wrapper on these was nice and crispy but there was not very much soup 😦


Neopolitan style ‘white’ pizza with olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms, prosciutto, and truffle oil. AMAZING. My new favourite style of pizza!


Uni, another type of food that I can’t get fresh in Calgary. So good with the raw quail egg! Did these with Xtine and Domo πŸ™‚


Matcha shaved ice and Taro Bubble Tea in K-Town – shared these with XTine, Mona, and Labbit but the shaved ice was mostly flavoured by the ice cream! The fresh fruit was nice though, and this serving was gigantic!


Chicken Bobotie from BraaiNYC. This was weirdly sweet. I ate more of XTine’s Lamb Biryani, though I did like the coconut rice!



S’mores frozen custard, fresh lemonade, and a Shake Shack cheeseburger! So delicious πŸ˜€20111011-182600.jpg

Birthday cakes!

20111011-222539.jpgI love REd Mango and I want one in Calgary XD;

More posts to come!




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