Armani Eyes to Kill Makeover at Holt Renfrew

Armani Makeover

Giorgio Armani cosmetics is one of my favourite cosmetics lines and this is largely due to the excellent service I always receive at Holt Renfrew! The girls at the counter are awesome about contacting me with info about new products and events and every time I’ve had my makeup done at the counter I’ve loved the experience! Last week I went to check out their newest products that they finally had all the testers for: the Gloss D’Armani and the Armani Eyes to Kill!

This is Rachel, she’s my new Armani SA and she is fantastic. Lovely and patient, we had a great afternoon chatting about the line as she’s brand new to it!

Eyes to Kill "Eyes on Fire"

This is the first time since the Eyes to Kill were released (in March) that my counter has had all the testers! Rachel was awesome and let me pick which colours I wanted to use. I chose #3 Purpura since I’d purchased it but hadn’t used it yet (and I wanted to see what it could do)!

Gloss D'Armani

The new glosses are gorgeous, pigmented, non-sticky, and fairly long lasting! I wanted to pick up one of the summer pink lipsticks but they were already sold out. My counter needs to order more stock in!

Armani Makeover FOTD

This was the makeover look! I actually had a full face of makeup on before I went (as I was super excited to do my Ravenclaw FOTD) but typically I go to the counters wearing nothing (it’s a bit intimidating). So I got a mini-facial with their Regenessence skincare line since poor Rachel had to remove everything I was wearing!


I love this look! All Armani, here’s the list of products used (but not sure on the foundation shade):

All products by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics:
– Luminous Silk Foundation
– Blush #10
– Micro-Fil Loose Powder
– High Precision Retouch Concealer
– Eyes to Kill #3 Purpura
– Eyes to Kill #6 Khaki Pulse
– Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara in Black
– Maestro Liquid Eyeliner
– Eyebrow Defining Pencil
– Smooth Silk Lip Pencil #9 Pale Raspberry
– Gloss D’Armani #500

I find it so interesting to get my makeup done at counters as I never use all one line. But I think if I had to pick ONE line to use everything from, it’d be Giorgio Armani – I’ve adored everything I’ve purchased!


6 thoughts on “Armani Eyes to Kill Makeover at Holt Renfrew

  1. very nice makeover Justine! 🙂 i have been planning to do an all Armani FOTD too, i asked Jenn to get blush #10 for me and im loving the sheer wash of color. 🙂 i also have purpura and khaki pulse so i will definitely try to wear them together with your look as inspiration. :)im so hooked on Armani right now!

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