Vancouver 2011 + IMATS

I was in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago to visit Christine and Sheila, and it just so happened that IMATS was that weekend too! Here are a handful of my favourite pics from the 4 days I spend in Vancouver, but the link to the photoset is at the bottom!

I didn’t take very many pictures since other than the ocean, Vancouver does look a lot like Calgary building-wise, haha.

International Make-up Artist Trade Show

We were a little later than expected, but we made it!

NYX Eyeshadow

The NYX booth was by far the prettiest. So many eyeshadows! I’ve never seen so many in one place before o_O And this was just one corner of the stand!

Winner of IMATS Student Competition

Every time I look at this pic, I marvel at the makeup. The lines look so crisp!

Burrard Inlet

Kelsie and I on the Burrard Inlet cruise šŸ™‚

Waiting in Line at IMATS

Sheila and I waiting in the 2.5 hr long MUFE line! We lucked out, it was even longer after we went through! I’m only wearing eye makeup here as Vancouver made all of my skin peel šŸ˜¦

Burrard Inlet

Christine and I on the Burrard Inlet cruise. As I pointed out to her, we finally have a pic where we are both looking at the camera, AND where you can tell we are two different shades!

Burrard Inlet

It was actually gorgeous and sunny our last 3 days in Vancouver. Pretty lucky šŸ™‚

More pics under the cut!


We got to the show 15 minutes after it started and this was the line already! Thankfully there were 4 of us so we rotated who had to stand in the line šŸ™‚

Make Up For Ever

I felt seriously accomplished once we were close enough to see this sign šŸ™‚ 40% off was totally worth it!

Make Up For Ever

I beg of you, swatch BEFORE you get to the table! Although Christine and I did stand here for a while as we waited to pay and swatched the Aqua Creams and glosses (and made my shopping list bigger).

Ben Nye

The Ben Nye products were really nice but I was not allowed to buy eyeshadow šŸ™‚

Devil and ...? Demo

I think the other half of him is a blonde she-Viking. Haha.

Eye Kandy Cosmetics

IMATS had a whole lot of glitter šŸ™‚

naked cosmetics

I’m always fascinated by naked sets but thankfully I hate loose eyeshadow so as pretty as these were, I wasn’t tempted!


Yaby!! Right after I took this I resolved to pull out my Pearl Paints palette again šŸ™‚

NYX Falsies

I have never been so tempted by something I have no idea how to use XD

Make Up For Ever Demo

The beautiful MUFE Model and her makeup! She actually helped us purchase stuff in the morning (I think she saw how sad we were about how long we’d been in line!)

Last thoughts šŸ™‚

English Bay Beach

Kelsie making her way down to the ocean! Of course the day we were at the beach was the most overcast day we’d had all week šŸ™‚

MUFE LineMake Up For EverMake Up For EverBen NyeDevil and ...? DemoEye Kandy Cosmetics
naked cosmeticsYabyNYX EyeshadowNYX EyeshadowNYX FalsiesMake Up For Ever Demo
Lit CosmeticsMakeup DemoInternational Make-up Artist Trade ShowThird Place IMATS Student CompetitionSecond Place IMATS Student CompetitionWinner of IMATS Student Competition
IMATS Student CompetitionWaiting in Line at IMATSBurrard InletRichmond NIght MarketShio RamenBurrard Inlet
Vancouver 2011, a set on Flickr.

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