>Collection Les Perles de Chanel


I’m sure I’m not alone in the blogging world when I say that the Chanel spring collection was the one I had been most anticipating (since December, right after the Holiday collections were ‘done’ for me), largely due to the Ombres de Perlées palette but also because the promo was so fresh and light and lovely.

I have spent more or less the last 2 months on-and-off phoning counters around my city trying to determine when the collection was coming in! I actually ended up purchasing several pieces from the entire collection and it was nicely capped off by a Chanel makeover today (in which I literally had Chanel on from the base up)

Sheila can attest to this (I ended up purchasing pieces from 3 counters – the Bay, Murale, and Holt Renfrew) but my SAs/MUAs in Calgary at the Chanel counters have all been fantastic! By far my favourite experience was at Holt Renfrew today – Kim was so lovely and so EXCITED about the collection that I wanted to make a purchase. Good sales tactics, haha.

Apologies if I look tired, I came off nights yesterday (and am on nights tonight in fact) so I was not very well-rested when I had the makeover done! I was also running late so I came COMPLETELY bare faced (no skin care even) which actually made Kim quite happy as it meant she could play with skincare to her heart (and my skin’s) content. She applied toner, eye cream, moisturizer, and then gave me a bottle of water to sip on while she cleaned her brushes.
Look is as follows:
Face Vitalumière Aqua foundation in B40 (Beige Desert)
Cheeks Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Espiègle
Eyes Ombres Perlées de Chanel, Inmitable Intense Mascara, Le Crayon Sourcils – Cendrè Noir
Lips Le Crayon de Lèvres – Pêche, Rouge Allure – Flamboyante, Lèvres Scintillantes – Nakkar
I always find I wear more products (especially on the lips) when I get my makeup done, but I love this look! So soft and lovely. I ended up coming away with one thing from this purchase and one prior, but I think I am definitely going back for Espiègle… I love how it looks!

I actually haven’t touched my own palette yet! Kim used what felt like natural hair brushes to apply, and even though I wasn’t wearing my usual primer, the shadows lasted 7 hours without creasing! They might have lasted longer, but I took off my makeup to take a nap.

I know I said I wouldn’t buy more foundation but I love love LOVED the finish of this – and I’ll get to it! Plus the whole consultation was so lovely, that I wanted to buy something as a thank you for Kim. She was amazing! I also didn’t feel pressured at all to make a purchase – she would have happily sent me on my way, I think.

All-in-all, I adore shopping at Holt Renfrew. The SAs are generally nice, and when they’re available they know their lines – Kim had helpful suggestions for both skincare, fragrance, and makeup (and also gave me samples). Plus the store is always decorated so seasonally (if there’s an applicable holiday).

I still have more (!) spring stuff to post, but I figure since this is a rare all-one-brand day for me it deserves its own post. 🙂


9 thoughts on “>Collection Les Perles de Chanel

  1. >Im contemplating about the foundation too! I havent tried it yet but Ive heard good things about it! But I have a drawer full of foundation that I need to finish first -__- I got the ombrees perlees palette too! But I haven't touched it either :P! Its too pretty to touch! Your lucky! I had a crappy SA at the bay (she was from Estee Lauder cuz the Chanel one just left or something?) at chinook :(! She basically shooed me away! Should of went somewhere else to get it but I was afraid theyd sell out! 😛

  2. >@SormuiThis is the second time I've tried it and I loved it so even though I have at least 2 other foundations to use I bought it… *shameless* I figure in about a month and a half I'll be done the one I'm using now though, so it's not too bad (I'm only using ONE at a time so they get finished).I just haven't had time! And it is really too pretty to touch right now haha. I have 'broken' into all of my other spring stuff though (that counts, right?)I actually returned my Ombres to Chinook the first time so I could get it at Murale w/ 20x the points… the lady was like 'Are you SURE you don't want a backup…??' I have so much makeup I'll never need a backup of anything XD

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