>Hello Kitty & Sephora


Look, an actual display!

I feel slightly better than dying now (though I’m still coughing) so I ventured out to the mall and to my surprise and happiness Sephora at Market already had the Hello Kitty display up! I wasn’t expecting much since my near Nunu’s store in Vancouver only had a stand, but look how pretty the whole display is! I was so *_* even though I’d been really cynical about the line beforehand.

I swatched all the eye products, and the cheek tints! I didn’t swatch any of the lipglosses or nailpolishes as the lipglosses were all very transparent on me (NC35) and my hands, and I don’t wear nail polish. Plus Nunu already swatched them.

All of these pictures were taken under a skylight (so as much natural light as possible) on an overcast day. 🙂

What I was MOST impressed with: the Charmmy Eyeshadow sticks and the Pen Pal eyeliners.

From left to right:

Row 1:
Kimono, Playground, Snowflake, Cotton Candy, Sweet Lavender, Cream Puff, Overalls

Row 2:
Fish Bowl, Sour Apple, Cookies, Teacup, Cupcake, Birthday Cake, Friendship

Row 3 (Liquid Liners):
Goodnight Dreams, Chocolate Milk, Purple Balloon, Picnic Basket

Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit (L-R)
Goodnight Dreams: Black, Grape Juice: Purple , Chocolate Milk: Brown, Happy Cloud: White, Blueberry: Navy, Bicycle: Teal Green, Blue Sky: Bright Light Blue 

Glittercute Eyeliner (L-R)
Hello Sunshine, Teapot, Sandbox, Happy Sails, Grape Soda, Coin Purse, Telephone, Night Sky

The top row is the Cottonball (hilighter) of the Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks but you can’t really tell… it’s basically sheer white with sparkles.

Charmmy, Blushing, Peachy, Cherry Blossom

Happy Fun is swatched in L-R, Top-Bottom, starting in the left upper corner. There is a palette of glosses underneath the eyeshadows but they are all colourless. So I didn’t swatch them.

Super fun is also swatched in L-R, Top-Bottom order, starting in the upper left hand corner. The glosses in this palette were also colourless.

*** Thoughts and Purchases ***
Even though I had been PRETTY sure I was going to come home with nothing, I came home with three things from the Hello Kitty x Sephora Collection:
– Kimono Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick
– Cupcake Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick
– Chocolate Milk Pen Pal Eyeliner

By product type:
Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks were creamy, pigmented, blended out nicely, and set SUPER fast. I had to take the swatches off with makeup remover and cotton swabs – after 2 minutes on my hands to take photos they were not moving or smudgeable

Pen Pal Eyeliners were initially quite smudgy but set nicely and were also hard to remove without makeup remover. I was told by the SA that these aren’t waterproof, but I hope they’ll hold up nicely. I picked up a brown one for work use, as my HG black eyeliner is still K-palette. Pigmentation was best on the black shade by far.

Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Set had surprisingly soft pencils, but very VERY smudgy. Did I mention soft? I dented all the liner tips trying to put the cap back on. 

Glittercute Eyeliners were sparkly, but in a chunky way. The only way I thought of using these were as a base since the tips are so large, and for bases from this line I prefer the Charmmy eyeshadow sticks. These were decently pigmented (all the swatches are of a swipe back and forth).

Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks are a pass for me. They are similar in texture to the NARS Multiples released last summer (more gel than cream) but for the price, the pigmentation is sub-standard. I also thought they’d have the chance of being greasy. The hilighter is mostly sparkles with a tiny bit of white background.

Say Hello Palettes are cute JUST for the Hello Kitty shaped compact but not worth purchasing. Both palettes are quite sheer and the glosses are useless (unless you really like clear gloss you need to apply with a brush). I will say that the SA was wearing Super Fun over the Charmmy Eyeshadow sticks and it looked nice, but that was after applying primer + base.

Hope this helps! 


6 thoughts on “>Hello Kitty & Sephora

  1. >Oooh yours had an actual display! Ours was a tiny little stand and there were only 2 or 3 pieces of each product.You've sold me on the eyeshadow sticks, now I just have to wait for them to stock them!

  2. >thanks for the headsup!the eyeshadow sticks looks great but i doubt i will use it [i never really use these properly..cant do it well XD]the apple cheeks look good but u are right..at that price, i am better off with something else.looks like its gonna be a miss for me sadly T-T

  3. >@MacNunuI was hoping I'd have everything but of course I liked the stuff that your store didn't get! XD;@YumekoI've never had any before so wish me luck!! For the price of the apple cheeks I'd just get a NARS Multiple… better quality I think.Misses are good! Saves money XD; I bought because I had GCs from Christmas.

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