>Holidays at Holt Renfrew


Is it a sign that I spend too much time (and money) at Holt Renfrew if they send me Christmas cards? I mean not the store in general, but I got Christmas cards (that are designed to look like the HR boxes) from the Shu Uemura and Giorgio Armani cosmetics counters… thankfully the two counters with nice SAs that I like!

In any case the content of this post actually happened a month ago (obviously despite my best intentions I forgot to post… again) and a kind reminder from my dear Old Cow reminded me that I should update… at least so that the few readers of this blog who I don’t also stalk on twitter would know I was a live!

Holt Renfrew is almost the only store in the Core (Calgary’s downtown shopping district) that decorated for Christmas as a number of parts are still under construction and the Core actually donated its decorating budget to the United Way (which is nice, though I do miss the Christmas trees everywhere)! For the fellow Calgarians, the Core is MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than it was even 6 months ago – no more exposed piping every metre! There’s still a bit of construction but I think the mall looks beautiful and it’s now one of my favourite places to be

The gigantic skylight doesn’t hurt 🙂

My holiday trips to Holt Renfrew actually happened over two weeks…

I loved these trees so much ❤

Holt Renfrew had their HELLO CHRISTMAS event the first weekend in November, and it’s always mad busy as you get 15-25% back from your purchases on a gift card. This is probably the equivalent of a Friends and Family sale in the US, but the store was RIDICULOUSLY busy. Of course I went (I wanted my discount too) and I did the majority of my shopping at the Shu  Uemura counter.

I know I always say I don’t buy things for GWP but… I definitely did this time! The Aya Takano x Shu Uemura collection was so cute and lovely in person, I couldn’t resist! Plus my favourite SA had told me that the GWP purchase pouch was only a 2 product purchase (instead of a $ amount) so I was quite excited.

I’ve tried only one other cleansing oil (Jill Stuart) in the past, but this was so cute – and for 30$ not a bad price point to try! I haven’t actually USED it yet (will start in the new year I hope) but I love the pump. And the packaging! Lately I’ve been recycling boxes of cosmetic items right away but I kept this one 🙂

I am so into cream blushes lately, and while this is more of a gel formula, I love it just the same! I needed to swatch this with a brush as it melted right into my finger tips (staining them a nice cherry red colour) but I am liking how sanitary this brush is – no dipping my finger into pots! That is my chief complaint with most gel blushes – they are not kind to my germaphobic self, even if I *DO* wash my hands before I use them!

And the gift with purchase…

The pouch is  my favourite part! Right now it’s storing my holiday collection purchases (+ the skincare samples). When I went to pick up my purchase a different SA told me I would have to spend 165$ to get the gift, which I was not prepared to do and was pretty sad about – thankfully my favourite SA came my rescue and said she’d honour the 2-product purchase! So I got to come home with my pretty pouch 😀

I used the gift-card from this event two weeks later at the Giorgio Armani event with my other favourite Holts SA. C is so wonderful I’d buy Armani makeup just so I could visit her hahaha. I didn’t take pics of the purchase since it was just the Eyes to Kill Mascara but I did take a pic of my makeover:

I think MAs tend to like me because I let them do whatever they want unless I have other plans after the makeover… so my MA (not C) did a VERY smokey look which I wore out to dinner that night. I really liked it! Would not attempt on my own though.

Still need to post about the coffrets I’ve purchased this year… someday!


7 thoughts on “>Holidays at Holt Renfrew

  1. >Your eye make up is stunning in that final photo.I am astounded by that GWP. It's gorgeous. We were not offered such a lovely thing, otherwise I would have dived right in there. I also like the gel blush it's very light on the skin (in terms of texture).

  2. >@SheilaI think I post less BECAUSE I talk to my lovely girls everyday. I agree though – I still love reading everyone's posts! ❤ ❤ ❤ Can't wait to take you to my Holts haha.@Old CowThank you!! My mom was a bit surprised (I think her exact words were … It's very dramatic) but I love it! I rarely go smokey on my own (especially with JUST black) but it's nice to see how it would look!The GWP on the US Shu website was only 60$ – if my SA hadn't come through I'd have felt very, very cheated. Weird that the UK didn't get it! I was hoping that we'd also get the notebook that Rouge Deluxe posted about, but no luck their either!

  3. >@MissmicchanThanks! I loved the look they did also 🙂 And the pouch was totally worth it – I would have bought it separately!@YumekoI rarely wear smokey looks so this was a bit of a change 🙂 And I know you tell me to blog all the time – this entry has been half written for AGES. Next post will probably be holiday coffrets, but then it's Christmas deco time!

  4. >Ohh holt looks really pretty! I haven't been there for so long…*sigh* The shu stuff you got looks so cute! great gwp. I love that smokey eye look!

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