>24, New Camera, Mooks


My new camera has a ‘soft focus’ feature

Yikes, only 3 hours away!! I know I tend to post sporadically, but it went to posting nil after my beloved Sony DSC-T200 camera died 😦 I couldn’t take pictures AND I had no idea what to talk about.

My birthday is tomorrow, and I’d been contemplating a beginner’s DSLR anyway, so I bought myself a new camera as an early birthday present and replacement for mine (though I will probably pick up another point-and-shoot since they are more portable, and I am lazy). I picked up an Olympus PEN E-PL1 but I am still mostly using the auto settings… definitely need to find a good beginner’s guide to DSLR cameras (suggestions welcome).

In any case, to prove I am alive (and hopefully to kick my butt into posting more), my latest mook purchases (I say ‘latest’ but one is really old, and the other two were posted about weeks ago by other people.

Agnes B Bag + Mook
This was actually the only purchase from San Francisco that I haven’t post about yet, but probably my most favourite non-makeup related thing :). Bought it at Kinokuniya after spending like 20 minutes in the store trying to figure out which one to buy… I love this bag! It is a good size for a tote, and it has a little front and inside pocket to store change. It was about 20$ USD
Mary Quant MOOK + Bag

 I love love love this tote. Probably my favourite out of all three gifts in this post. I initially heard about Mary Quant from my dear Old Cow, and while I haven’t been able to try any of it, I thought this mook could give an idea about the line… plus the tote is super cute! I love all the makeup products, and the colours. This is a good size also – a bit bigger than the Agnes B tote. It also came with a MQ charm, but I have already misplaced it >__<

Jill Stuart WE LOVE JILL! MOOK + Makeup Bag

Probably the mook I’ve heard talked most about since it came out. I found out about it on Rouge Deluxe and then from my dear Bittenbefore… luckily it was still available on YesAsia since it sold out so fast in Tokyo! I actually think I like the fabric of this bag more, and I am excited for all the pockets – I kind of want to do a test-trial of packing makeup for a trip to see how much I can fit in here. Yes, I need more hobbies in life.

These are the few snaps I’ve taken since I got the camera… I can already see a big difference between the quality of these pics and my point-and-shoot  and I am excited to learn more about them!

Next up – my makeup ‘rut’ this summer (neutral eyes, liner, bright lips) and haha, a glimpse of my Dior collection 😉


5 thoughts on “>24, New Camera, Mooks

  1. >Hey justine!You picked up all the best mooks! The Mary Quant bag is gorgeous, especially with the pink glitter. Two of my friends use it constantly now but I didn't get it as I hardly change the bags that I carry on a daily basis. Love the Jill Stuart makeup pouch too, although I wish it was even roomier!

  2. >Hi Haru! I kind of want the Hbg bag you posted about but I am lazy and I don't want to order it from CDJapan… shipping is pretty $$ for just one magazine. I might try my luck on auction for it – I Just want the bag, not the magazine!I was using the Agnes B bag with a Tokidoki purse all the time, but now I am using the MQ bag and a Tokidoki bag… <3Thanks for commenting!

  3. >Happy Birthday!! how have you been?I have a DSLR…actually its my brothers…but I steal it to use for my blog posts =P It's amazing!! totally reccomend it haha! I love those mooks especially the jill stuart so cute.

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