>Green, Purple, and Redemption?


I think that pink and purple look from a few days ago catapulted me back into loving bright eye looks… too bad I’m going back to work tomorrow so I’ll be back to my standard work face 😛

I’ve been thinking about doing this look for a while, but hadn’t actually picked up any of the colours until I was poked by Yumeko to try it out since she posted it first and then Haru posted a similar version using different products! I find it so interesting to see how different girls interpret looks and tutorials, so of course after her reminder I wanted to try it out
I’m not sure why this turned out more like seafoam green and purple (it’s more of a kelly green in person, but I can’t catch it on my camera). The green appears a bit darker on my webcam pic so I’ll attach that at the end.

Keep reading for products used…

Dior Hydraction TM #3, NARS Madly Blush (not pictured)

UDPP, MAC PP Bare Study, Sugarpill Midori + Poison Plum, Yaby PP011 Emerald Dragon + -17 Lavender Snow, Sugarpill Tako to hilight
Dollywink Liquid Liner, UD 24/7 Liners Zero + Covet, Fairy Drops Mascara Anastasia Espresso Brow Powder (not pictured)

Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Ink Nana Star, Maybelline Watershiny Volumy 000, MAC Blooming Lovely

As long as I have time I don’t mind using such a large amount of products to ‘paint’ my face, but this look could also be done with far fewer shadows – I just like using as many as possible to try to make a dent in my stash 😛

I’m also SUPER happy that I found a way to make Blooming Lovely ‘wearable’ to me, thus semi-redeeming its purchase in my eyes. It does take there products, and I use an alternate lipstick to touch up on the go, but at least now I have a way to use it up… using up two other products at the same time!

Close-up of the eye:

As you can see, I tend to make looks a lot brighter as pastels … do not show up on me and I use two bases to intensify the colour and make an eye look last longer. I’ve had this on for about 6 hours as I type this, and no fading or creasing noted!

Blogger tag is fun this way – can’t wait to see what everyone posts next (so maybe I can try it!)

Edit: I forgot to add the webcam pic!! **airhead**


3 thoughts on “>Green, Purple, and Redemption?

  1. >Oh wow, that is SO gorgeous. Your colours are all so vibrant <– that's me being jealous =PI have inner double eyelids (aka half monolids) so I dunno if I can wear bright colours like this, but it looks good on you!

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