>Lovely Regrets


Every few months I clean out my stash (which you can blurrily see in the background), removing items that I don’t use often (or at all) and setting them aside to give to others. Normally this encompasses eyeshadow, as I previously did not have a lot of lip products – not to mention sharing used lip products just seems a bit unsanitary to me (I don’t any of the sanitizing/alcohol sprays at the moment). Even with the items I purge, there’s rarely any regret in my purchases, I get rid of things to make room for new(er) purchases.

I re-swatch everything before I give it away, and on my most recent ‘clean-up’ I took a look at my lipsticks, and pulled out Blooming Lovely, which I couldn’t remember using often… and couldn’t remember why I hadn’t been reaching for it. However once putting it on I suddenly remembered… my experience solidified ‘Blooming Lovely’ as being a major buyer’s remose case 😦

Blooming Lovely

Blooming Lovely just washes me out and looks SUPER lavender on my lips 😦 If I look at myself under fluorescent/indoor yellow-ish lighting the colour doesn’t look bad at all – just a paler pink, but in natural light (this picture was taken near a window, with no flash) the colour screams LAVENDER to me. It’s not really a look I like for myself. But since I don’t give away lipsticks and didn’t want to throw it out or return it (I love the packaging too much) I thought I would try making it work using other lip products in my stash.

Blooming Lovely + Bourjois 3D Effet Gloss in Framboise Magnific

My first experiment just made the colour shiny, but no less lavender (at least to me). I was actually surprised as the Bourjois gloss LOOKED fairly pigmented on my hand, but I don’t think it mixed well with the lipstick. It’s actually a dark fuschia (though it didn’t impact this colour at all).

Blooming Lovely + Dior Addict Gloss 377

I picked a medium-pink Dior gloss to try next; this looks more wearable to me: almost a MLBB shade, but I can get similar colours with using one product so I am not as likely to use two… save for the sake of using up this lipstick! Probably would only use this once anyway though, since I’d have to bring two products to touch up on the go.

Blooming Lovely + Maybelline Watershiny Volumy 015

This look is a bit pinker but there are still some lavender undertones visible… and again, I hate ‘needing’ to layer products.

I’ll probably keep this lipstick and keep experimenting until it’s gone though, but I’d love any suggestions to tone down the colour – liner, gloss, other lipsticks – all suggestions welcome!

Have you ever had anything that just didn’t work but you couldn’t get rid of?

4 thoughts on “>Lovely Regrets

  1. >Hi Justine! I've been checking out your blog for a while now, but I've just recently followed =)I think maybe you can do a darker lipstick base or lip liner (eg. red?) and wear this over it? It looks very glossy alone and a dark liner would probably change the colour to something darker and less lavender. Good luck!

  2. >i am probably a bit more brutal with my crap XD if it doesnt work, i tend to toss it outyet again..i tend to be quite shameless and claim everytyhing works on meworst case senario [and yes i done this before with a shu emura lipstick yoinks ago]i melted it down and mixed with other stuff to get a whole new shade XD

  3. >@SheilaHi Sheila! I am going to try the darker lip base+Blooming Lovely this week! I only have one (which I also rarely wear – how often does one need vampy lips?) but it should at least give me an idea…@Old CowI honestly think 40% of the time I buy things BECAUSE of the packaging, so even if I dislike what's inside I still want to keep the casing? Like how people keep bags from stores and stuff. I really need to get over that though, I accumulate so much junk XD;@YumekoTeach me how to be brutal!! I don't think you're shameless – everything I've 'seen' on you works so it's not like you're disillusioning yourself.Hm, what kind of colour could I mix it with I wonder…

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