2012: An iPhone/Instagram Retrospective

2012 was definitely full of ups and downs for me, and while I still didn’t blog as much as I’d hoped I did manage to post an entry every month… and as always Instagram and Twitter were the easiest places to find me. While I have a backlog of pics to edit and post, I thought I’d pull my favourite Instagram photos to sum up my year! :D


My Christmas FOTD, courtesy of Tom Ford. Jewelry by Fushigi Shop :D

I enjoy that my annual family Christmas is a fire hazard ;) We celebrated at my Tita G’s this year!

Obviously you want to see the rest of my year :)


Xtine and I determined that the Violet Storm Estee Lauder palette was the perfect mix of the two Tines as it was both purple AND hot pink. Obviously I made sure we both (eventually) owned it :)

Xtine also influenced me to buy a lot of bags, although my own desire for a bow bag didn’t help ;). This is YSL from Vestiare Collective – it’s very cute and tiny!


My first Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope had to be in Cherry Blossom and my collection has only expanded since. Fitting for my birthday month, I think!

Mentaiko Pasta from Carino Bistro which surprised me by being so awesome it’s now my favourite restaurant in Calgary. We went here for my birthday!


This was my go-to FOTD in Chicago :)

I also reorganized my stash… this is one drawer ;)


I don’t post a lot (ever) about nail polish, but Estessimo TiNS made up my 90% of my manicures. LOVE this line.

And of course my love of pink toes and pink FitFlops continued. :D


Other things my year focused on: hot pink purses (these are two of my favourites)

And really amazing food :) Salted Caramel ice cream sandwich from NOtaBLE :)


I got an iPhone4S courtesy of my BFF this month :)

And decorated it appropriately :D

Obviously I still wear bows on a daily basis :P


May is apple blossom season in Calgary! This is my favourite tree :)

Estee Lauder was definitely one of those brands that surprised me this year!


This was Calgary at the end of April…

And that was two weeks earlier. This is why XTine won’t visit me except in the summer.  Haha.


I spent most of March in Philippines which was way too hot for my normal makeup routine, but this was my EOTD from my cousin’s wedding :)

I had Xiao Long Bao in Hong Kong, which I need to revisit because mostly I associate the whole 3 day trip with being sick and annoyed with my family, unfortunately. D:

I miss Philippines though!!


I went back to Philippines for the first time since I was 3 :)

I miss Philippines :( And having breakfast with my family every morning and the fresh buko from the vendor for breakfast (outside!!)

Also the mango. I miss mango!


I want to see the Youkai Ningen Bem movie so badly, you have no idea. A year ago I was just finishing the series!

These were ALL of my L’Oreal Colour Infallible eyeshadows last January. I’m pretty sure they’ve tripled. LOL.

Thank you for following me this year – here’s to a fabulous 2013!

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